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is it normal to feel like this on the first day?


Serena's title didn't fit

It is normal to feel uneasy, tired, hungry etc. Not everyone gets it but some get this very badly. It's carb withdrawal! When you get into ketosis you'll get more energy (less tired) and you won't feel hungry anymore!

Good luck hun,

Hi all.... sweet like coco its my first day too, and Im feling horrid, so I empathise with you
Hi tis my first day too and feeling tired and miserable lol... so you are not alone
It will pass!!
and you will feel so much better after a few days! Hang in there.
thanks for encouragement girls, and yes ,sweet like coco (can i call you SLC cos its much quicker lol) we can do it, I just had to go shopping and it nearly kiled me lol....

I started on cd ss a week today and this time last week i was crying on the sofa as i was soooo hungry and felt ill.

But it does get better. Day 2 was ok but day 3 and i woke up feeling brill.

Stick with it. It gets better and the results are so worth it.

Good luck
Aw thanks for encouragement Yummymummy, and its ncie to know ere not alone....sohnii.... stick with us and we can hopefully support each other
Going into ketosis is hard on most people, after all you've spent years and years and years getting your body used to eating lots of food for energy, and suddenly you are not giving it anything it is used to - not suprising it acts up a bit!

Get past days 3 and 4 and you'll by sailing through the rest of the week, and beyond. Ketosis is a wonderful state to be in, no hunger, more energy and you don't care about food; it's brill! :D
I am mentally hungry ( no ravenous lol) but not physically hungry, am I jumping the gun, does it get harder on day 2 or 3?
For me, the first few days didn't feel harder than any of the other times so far really, but I think I was one of the few (extremely lucky!) ones who just sort of slipped into it easily (or perhaps I was so mentally psych'ed up for it I didn't notice feeling bad?)

I have heard from many others that the first 3 days get progressivly harder. After all, I'm sure that all of us at some times in our lives have gone a single day without hardly eating anything at all, and the body has ways of just coping with this; it's when you don't eat anything again in the second day that it's going to start saying "whoa, hang on here, you'd better give me something or this isn't going to end well!" and by the third day it is going to be feeling really desperate - it's only at the breaking point that Keto kicks in as a defense machanism against starvation (thanks to the vitamins and minerals in the packs your body is 'tricked' into Ketosis instead of Starvation mode)

The key is breaking through the first few days, as after the 3rd day you will be into Keto and your body will stop 'asking' you to feed it, as you wil be (technically) getting all the calories you need, its just that you have fooled your body into taking those calories from it's fat stores instead of something you have eaten.

Sadly, the body is merely a pre-programmed machine that will always take it's energy from the easiest sources - only by depriving it of food, and using up the glycogen stores can we force it to start burning it's fat for energy.

So, long-winded answer condensed; be prepared for tomorrow and the day after to be harder than today. But, stay positive, and be even more preapred for the amazing feeling you will get from day 4 onwards, not to mention your first WI and seeing how much you've lost already :D
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Youve done very well!!..
To be honest Im dreading tomorrow lol... and just after I posted my "not physically hungry" post the hnger pains
decided to suprise me wirth a vengeance lol..
Yes looking forward to Ketosis,sounds like a nice place to be....knew it was too easy physically, even thoguh
Ive been hallucinating about bacon all day for some reason.. :p
This is a great site for support, and thanks for your tips..

Still trying to work out how this site figures and how to add the personal info on left... oh well it will keep me busy and my mind off food lol
Thanks for the inspiration,youve done so well!!! can I ask anyone how we hold the threads so we can go back to previous ones as I am searching through t find threads I had chatted on lol.. I know it will be simple lol...bare with me

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Thanks for the inspiration,youve done so well!!! can I ask anyone how we hold the threads so we can go back to previous ones as I am searching through t find threads I had chatted on lol.. I know it will be simple lol...bare with me
Hi Flobble

To find threads you've posted on you have to be logged in, click on User CP on the top left of the blue menu bar. As for adding personal info, signatures, viewing/adding photos etc you need to have at least 50 posts before you get all priviledges - posting on some of the word game threads will get your count up in no time.

Hope this helps and well done for getting through your first day

:) Thanks Serena, thats been a great help, very inormative.... day two and pending now lol..