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Is it normal to feel so tired?

I'm on day 7 of 790 and I feel so sleepy. Is this just me or is that normal?

It's maybe because I'm feeling so fed up. I'm a serial weigher and the scales haven't moved as much as I'd hoped. I'm thinking I've lost about 5lbs maybe. I know I'm impatient but I can't help it. I lost weight on CD earlier this year and put it back on again. I stupidly stopped for a break for my birthday and due to stresses in my life didn't go back to it. I can't belive I put it all back on again!! Anyway, It's really tedious having to start again when I know if I'd kept going I'd have been at target by now.

I remember saying last time how easy I found the diet (To be fair not the 1st week) and I'm not finding it at all easy now. I'm tired, grumpy and thinking about how deprived I am all the time. Generally just feeling a little sorry for myself.

I had thought of waiting till after xmas before starting again but i'd probably just put even more weight on so I decided just to start now.
I'm planning to stop for xmas day and straight back on to it. It'll be at least another month after that before I am at the lowest I was before.

Sorry for being a moan. I just needed to get it all off my chest. I'm feeling a little tearful and I'm mad at myself to letting myself get in this position in the 1st place.

I'm not going to cheat. I'm going to keep going and no doubt I'll start to feel happier when I see some results. I remember feeling so excited bout the diet last time and was constantly trying on clothes and loving getting into smaller sizes. I just wish I was back at that stage again. I need to feel better about myself again.

Anyway, I'll better go just now. Sorry for the moan.

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I know exactly how you are feeling. im restarting today and while ive been lucky enough not to put weight back on (well 4lb on but im happy with that) I too am beating myself up for not sticking to it in the first place. I was doing so well first time round and stopped in September due to hair loss. If I had kept going I would have been at target by now.

The only advice I can give is to try and stay strong. You know the diet works you just have to give it your best shot and try to see it through to the end this time.
Thank you Sam,
I'm trying to stay strong but I'm also worried that I'll never get back to the way I was feeling about the diet 1st time round. I had becaome habit and It WAS easy. Oh well I've only myself to blame. Good luck with your restart.

Thank you Dragon Fly,

I'm feeling a bit better now. Had a soak in the bath (To avoid going and making a bacon roll!!) and a long hard think about things. I think I will survive.

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I am exhausted this week...on day 4...it's a combination of diet, and having to get up early to get bf to work as my car's not running :( It WILL pass!!Once I'd been on the diet a few weeks I had loads of energy!I was the same as you, was going to wait till after Xmas but decided I would just put loads on if i didn't start now.

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