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Is it ok to take senacot?

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Hi all:confused:

I having a particular problem - constipation- so without thinking and really out of desperation I took 2 spoons of senacot tonight. About 10 minutes later it dawned on me that this may be prohibited on the diet!!!

I didnt even think - I just took it. Am really worried that I have messed up. I was just feeling so lousy I took it without any analysis of what I was doing.

does anyone know if I have broke my diet?:eek:
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As far as I'm aware it's ok - but I would suggest regular teaspoons of Fibreclear - gets fibre in to your body without having to take laxative to shift everything. Basically it keeps you regular. My pharmacist gave me a free sample and it really works!

Don't panic! Even if it isn't allowed it's not going to do any damage! x

irish molly

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It is fine to take senokot. The big downside of LT is the constipation. It is important to take a fibre supplement every day to help keep your bowels active. Fibreclear or something similar will do the trick.
If you do get bunged up, then take a laxative like senokot or dulcolax. Always mention it to the pharmacist as well as they can advise what to take. Also keep up your water intake to about 3-4 litres a day.


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Hi Yummy,

I took senokot because dulcolax was giving me a upset tummy and I was havig AWFUL trouble with constipation. I have to admit it did not work at all, I even took 2 over night and next day I had nothing. I have a rememdy for this though that really works for me....I take a spoon of fibre clear every second day and I have a really strong cup of coffee...that usually gets things moving. Try it! I hope it helps!
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Thanks guys.

I was so upset that I might have messed up. I cried for about half an hour before I even got the courage to go on Mini and ask. cant believe how stupid I was to take something without thinking. I cant believe I did it. Anyway, thank god I havent done damage but it has opened my eyes to how easy it is to fail.

I drink 4 litres of water every day - I am def good at that bit. This is the first time constipation has really become an issue so I will take your advice and get the fibreclear in the morning.

I will try the strong cup of coffee with the spoon of fibre clear too!! Will try anything at this stage!!!

Thanks so much for replying quickly - I had got myself in a right state.


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Hi Yummy,

Not to worry, I've had moments when I woke up all upset because I had dreamt that I had ate in my sleep and ruined my diet. Its easy to get into a dizzy about it but you are right, its so easy to make a mistake. By the way don't let your constipation situation get out of hand because its so sore if you do, trust me I speak from experience. Fibre clear, plenty of water and strong coffee are my life savers.
Also if you can't/don't poo then your weight loss can be affected and it can really demotivate you. I hope you lose loads this week hun! x
I use senacot and find it helps alot.