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is it ok??

Hi everyone, hope you're all well!
I was just wondering... and it may be a silly question... but on extra easy can I have a meal that is only superfree or does it have to have a meat or starchy food with it?
for example, for my dinner the other day i had salad with cottage cheese and beetroot followed by fruit so that was all super free. is that ok to do??
Thanks in advance x
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Yep that's absolutely fine, you can eat as much superfree food as you want, no need to balance out with carbs/meat :)
That's great thanks very much for the quick reply. im off to have omlet with mushrooms and tomatoes now lol :)

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Hmmmm, sorry but whilst having superfree is great for snacks, for meals you really should be following the 1/3rd rule, where are your proteins and carbs? I don't want to shoot what you're doing down in the flames, but you're also now having a superfree breakfast...I may be wrong and it may just be you've done this a couple of times thoughout the week, but to follow the SW plan properly you need a third at each meal. Do you post a food diary on here? It may be worth starting one, so if you do get any queries, peeps can look over it for you xxx
you dont have to have carbs and proteins with every meal. The reason a 1/3 superfree is advised to so that your carb and protein portions can be easily controlled without having to weigh or count calories.

You in no way have to have free foods (i.e. non superfree) with every meal.

Of course I wouldnt advise eating JUST superfree all day every day, as it may become boring and we all need a balanced diet.

and as Reg pointed out - Cottage Cheese and Eggs are not superfree anyway.
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I was advised when my weight losses slowed that I may have been eating too much superfree - as it's high density/low calorie, I felt full, but my body may have been going into 'starvation mode' due to low calories... I'm still not sure how true that was, but it does make sense.

So to answer your question, it is ok, it's not off-plan, as long as you are not leaving yourself hungry. But if you don't get the losses you want, then it may be worth considering adding more carbs and protein into the plan, for more balance.

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