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Is it only me???

Hi Everyone

I've just moved to CD after doing 9 weeks on LL and am really enjoying the change - for anyone thinking of changing, I would recommend it.

I was just wondering if my obsession with cookery books is something to worry about or are others out there the same.

I'm planning how I'm going to eat when I finish CD and have bought numerous vegetarian, Low GI, slow cooker and steaming cook books, I've spent a fortune.

Please tell me it's not just me?????
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Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Trish... I'm with you - I love cookery books and love cooking whilst I'm on CD and I was the same when I was on LL....

You're not strange - there'll be a few more along shortly I'm sure..?
I'm afraid I don't but would say that I think it is a really sensible thing to do, planning ahead for when you reach goal is a great idea so I may follow suit shortly!



Silver Member
Me too!!!! Not only have i bought about 5 cook books since i started CD but i also love watching cookery programmes. If i can't eat it at least i can drool over it on TV :drool:
yep! I have become obsessed with cooking and I wasn't like that at all before!

I keep cooking things from scratch for the rest of the family with lots of fresh ingredients.

I have even started baking bread, chelsea buns, cookies, banana muffins etc etc - how weird is that?!


Fed up of being fat
Ok I admit it ... Im doing it aswell, sort of!!! lol .. I was never really much of a cook before starting cd but the past few weeks Im loving cooking (sad I know but I cant seem to help myself)!! I havent actually purchased the books yet (probably only cause Ive not been in town properly since starting) But, I have been scouring the net a lot taking in all the info on low gi foods and recipies etc. ready for when I get to goal.

I know I have to change my eating habits from what they were before I started this journey, not a lot of point in doing cd if at the end you go back to eating the same stuff and portions as before we started? lol I am enjoying getting in the right frame of mind about it all now, makes me feel more confident that I will be ok at the end of the diet.

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