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is it possible to do S/W without going to weigh-ins?


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i really wanna do S/W.. or at least give it a try, but i am thinking of ordering the pack online. can i just weigh myself at home?
i cannot got to the meetinsg due to have a 11week old son, and partner being at work.


thank you (sorry for the all questions i keep posting) :D
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hi tinkerbell the cheapest and easiest option would be to join a group, go for one session and get the pack everything explained and then just stop going and do it alone. it will cost just under a tenner that way


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Hi, i do it myself at home as i work shifts and have 3 kids. I got the books off a friend and weigh myself each week, this forum is great for motivation and advice, who needs a class!

All the best with it.


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You can do it online - quite expensive but you keep up to date with everything and it is quite motivating. You weigh yourself each week and enter it onto the comp. Or you can go to class once get the books and info and then just weigh yourself each week. Or you could look on ebay for books etc and do it all yourself.

I do it online and like this way. As you do I have babies at home and find class time consuming plus I'm not a fan of class (having done it before). I do however need a bit fo support so find the online way works for me.
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I would as do as abigail said, go for one session get all the books and do it yourself, i do, and have done slimming world quite a few times and fail...BUT this time because of this forum it keeps you sooo motivated itys kinda like going to class anyway, somneone will always answer your questions x


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You can take your baby to class if you like, you could find a day time group if its easier.

I do SW by myself and weigh in at Tesco every week.


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You are allowed to take your baby to class, i take my 8mth old baby to class with me and when my 7yr old is off school he comes too. They love it as everyone makes a fuss of them. I was going to do it online but after finding out how much it was i decied to join class, i like going to class i find when i do it alone i stray and have extra syns etc. However it is a personal choice different ways work for different people. Ebay has some 2008 starter packs if you want to do it that way i think they are about £25 but if you go to class once and get it it only costs about £9. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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