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Is it possible to go too much???


Mistress of the Dark
Is it possible to wee too much??? I mean currently I have to go every 15mins. I just wondered if it's harmful at all. I guess that it's good for you as in keeping you flushed out but was just wondering?

I now know how the fifth little pig felt: "Wee wee wee all the way home"!!!

Sorry if this is TMI, it's just that I am curious :p x
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I know it's possible to *drink* too much water! I've seen stories in the past of people dying from water intoxication, where you have so much water on board you dilute down your mineral levels and you end up with a swollen brain! Not exactly common though. Some radio station in the US had a competiton where the winner was the person who drank the most water. The winner died...


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks guys!

Blimey, people dying from too much water really freaks me out. I mean I know some people who try to drink 8l a day! To me that seems way too much! x


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The key is to sip the water throughout the day,- excessive consumption over a short period of time is what seems to be the most harmful. I'm not sure why peeing a lot would be a problem, but it may be worth mentioning it to your CDC if it doesn't settle down Gem?
I equate it to 'if i drink a lot, i wee a lot'! As long as there is something being produced and coming out, not stinging (sorry TMI) i think for me it is ok. I imagine when i wee the fat coming out - don't think this is the case but it helps me to drink all my water LOL

As long as you spread the amount over the day NOT ALL IN ONE GO i would imagine it would be ok.

Just think of all those lbs you are burning off whilst running to the loo - especially if upstairs!!

I would be concerned if you can't go longer than 15 minutes!!! A side effect of my fibroid is frequent urination. One nurse had told be to wait 45mins - that was almost impossible for me.... pelvic floor exercises is what they recommended to me! Hope you get your answers.
Hey im a nurse

For a healthy person whatever goes into the body should be coming out as well as toxins and wastes processed by the kidneys.

So if you drink 3 ltrs as long as 3ltrs plus comes out and it is clearish in colour then you should be fine. This is called fluid balance. If the same amount comes out of the body that goes in then your kidneys are functioning properly

If you drink it very fast it may have an effect on you i.e it may come out faster.

so try sipping the water through the day.

I wouldnt be too worried though.
As long as you feel fit and healthy then you will be fine

Hope this helps

Lou x
I don't mind going to the loo a lot. I think of it as flushing the calories away!

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