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Is it possible?

Is it possible to loose weight without doing one specific diet - I have to cook for a rather fussy OH, and working full time I have neither the time nor the inclination to cook two meals.
So my plan is to eat less of my normal food at dinner, with a careful breakfast and lunch, if this ok?

I'm exercising more, walking the dogs further, and have dusted off the wii fit!!
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I personally think that is a good idea. Afterall the most sensible diets are the ones that advocate healthy eating, not just fads.

I would be careful that what you do cook for your OH in the evening verges on the healthier side and not just fried food. Your breakfast sounds good and with a healthy lunch sounds like you are going in the right direction, especially with your added exercise and wii fit..

I'm doing Go Lower which does advocate healthy eating and then when you 'finish' the diet, you've already changed the way you eat for the better and so are able to maintain your weight without any trouble...portion size and eating sensible - it's what it's all about.

Good luck and keep us posted how you are getting on.


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I've lost just over 5 stone doing no particular diet...I just eat smaller portions of healthier food and do more exercise. I haven't cut out anything totally (that way lies failure for me - I've been there too many times!) but am careful about how many carbs I eat and, obviously, keep the very bad stuff (sweets, chocolate, wine) to an absolute minimum.

It's very easy to stick to this method of weight loss as nothing is off limits so long as you keep an eye on the calories and, in theory, trains you for maintaining your weight as well when you get to goal as you'll have already developed all the good habits necessary at that stage.

Very best of luck with your efforts!

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Yeah, I think it's a realistic and sensible way to do it. It's basically what I'm doing - eating healthily and exercising more!

I can't be faffing around cooking two meals either nor can I be doing with weighing and measuring things, counting points or being told what to eat. It's basically common sense - we know what's good and we know what's bad. Eat well, loads of fruit n veggies, plenty of good protein and minimal carbs. Oh, and smaller portions as you say!

The exercise really helps in a lot of ways - not only does it burn calories but it helps you tone up and can be a distraction when you might otherwise have been thinking about snacking. I've been taking the dogs on much longer power walks (they're loving it!) and the Wii Fit gets a hammering nearly every evening :D

Sounds to me like you've got it sussed ;)


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Sounds good to me!

I'm following a simila plan and working good too!

Hope it goes well!
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Yes that's what I am doing, cutting out the rubbish and eating sensible meals with lots of veg and with a little bit of exercise on the wii fit in the evenings. Seems to be working so far.

Good luck!



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It's all about finding what works for you. Some do well following a prepackaged diet. Others do well simply eating more intelligently without all the rigid rules and guidelines.

The fact is... any diet that works, as in leads to better health and fat loss, adheres to the same basic, foundational principles. This goes for prepackaged diets or not.

The core of said foundation is caloric or energy control. If more energy is going out the door than coming in, weight will be lost.

Granted, there's much more to it than that. It's not solely about quantity. Quality matters to as in what macro and micro nutrients, minerals and vitamins comprise the calories you eat.

But in general, as long as you set calories to match your goals, avoid highly processed foods, eat balanced with protein carbs and fat, and focus on nutrient-dense and energy-sparse foods... you're not going to go wrong.
You have ticked all the boxes. It is nutritious, convenient, filling, and the best thing is you are setting yourself healthy eating habits so therefore you are less likely to regain weight after. Very low calorie diets are great for an intial quick weight loss but it is quite common for people to regain after. Just go to any of the posts on here of a couple of years ago where people have lost 12 stone in 10 months on some quick fix diet, and ask them where they are now, two years down the line, and you will probably get the answer that all the weight has piled on plus extra too. Of course there are exceptions, but your method is the best one, remember calories though. All the best, and this way you will keep it off because you are retraining your eating habits.

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