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is it really necessary to take folic acid during 1st 12 wks????

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does anyone know if its really necessary to take folic acid during the 1st 12 wks????
i have been feeling so ill so decided the last couple of days not to take folic acid to see if it was that and well i have felt alot better already!!
i haven't had my 1st appointment to see my midwife yet and i wont be seeing her until about another 5 wks as its all changed nowadays!!!! so was just wondering if anyone knows about folic acid????
many thanks xx
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I personaly think u should take it as it helps baby develope its spine and reduces the chances of spinabifida (sorry spelling), but saying that its everyones personal choice, i was taking pregnancy vitamins including folic acid whilst trying to conceive. speak to a midwife about it or google it to see what the advantages are then make up your mind?? could just be that u have been feeling normal pregnancy rough and its just a coinsidence? xx


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Do take it! I know someone who had a baby with spina bifida, and trust me, you don't want that to happen.

My pg vitamin makes me nauseous, however, if I take it last thing at night I am ok. Perhaps that will work for you too? Alternatively, you can work out how to get the folic acid from your diet:

"Good sources include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice.

Other useful sources include fortified breakfast cereals, some bread and some fruit (such as oranges and bananas)."

Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - Folic acid


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Despite making you feel sick, the benefits of taking it far outweigh the issues. I've read that if it makes you sick try taking it with food or, as Emma said, last thing at night so that you kind of sleep the sickness off.

I take a multi vitamin and folic acid one, plus omega 3 (sanatogen mother to be tablets) and have taken them since Christmas with my evening dinner. Luckily I've never felt sick from them.


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It is extremely important to the development of your baby at this early stage!!!
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thanks everyone for all the replies,
i think it was just a coinsidence that i felt fine when i didnt take it for these past 3 days cos today i felt as sick as a dog, i spoke with a friend of mine who's also pregnant and she recommend boots mum to be plus as its got omega 3 & folic acid & ginger in it which really helps her with the sickness thing so i have purchased some today, so fingers crossed my sickness passes but no matter what i will def stil take them
thanks again


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Congrats on your pregnancy :)

I think at this stage nausea and tiredness will come and go from one day to the next - there's so much going on! I hope you don't suffer with morning sickness too badly. I found that eating fatty food really made my sickness a lot worse and that snacking on protein during the day helped. Lots of people find that it helps to have something next to the bed, such as an apple or a ginger biscuit, and to eat something small before getting out of bed.

If you find that you're struggling with the pregnancy vitamins, you can buy folic acid tablets on their own. As everyone has said, it's really really important.


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Also in boots you can get ravel sickness bands that have pressure points on your wrists and I have found those to help too x

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