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Extra Easy is it that eas and does it work

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by ricardot, 21 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. ricardot

    ricardot Active Member

    hiya all,
    im just beginning my 4th week at s/w and am going to do more e/e days.

    i was wondering if anyone has had success on the e/e days cos i really cant believe what you are allowed to eat and still lose weight :D , it just seems unbelievable but i suppose you wouldnt be able to do it if it never worked :rolleyes:

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  3. FloridaGirl

    FloridaGirl Well-Known Member

    I do Extra Easy every day (well, only been on SW for 2 weeks) but lost 7 lb in two weeks on EE and even had some syns everyday. I think its fantastic and something you can keep up forever!!!!
  4. ricardot

    ricardot Active Member

    well thats good to know, thx florida girl, on a green today so gonna do a few e/e's this week, no class nxt mon cos of bank holiday so got 2 weeks on it, apart from xmas day n boxin day, (gonna flexi syn them) so will find out in the new year if its worked for me ;)
  5. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Well-Known Member

    3 weeks in and 10lbs off doing all EE days! You can think too hard about why it shouldn't work, it is too good to be true but I think if you just have faith in it, you won't be disappointed!
  6. suplizi

    suplizi I see the light!


    I have exclusively EE since the beginning (Sept 16) and so far have lost a pound short of 2 stone (weigh in weds - fingers crossed!) I have found EE excellent, I try and fill my plate with veggies or salad along with other free foods. I only eat until I am comfortably full rather than stuffed. If I am still hungry later I then have fruit and yogurt. To be honest I struggle to use my syns as I am enjoying all the free foods. I find EE easier and a more everyday diet that the whole family can eat!

    Helen x
  7. Harry'sMom07

    Harry'sMom07 Well-Known Member

    I have done mostly EE with just the odd green day and have lost 1.5 stones in 2 months, so yes, it does work! And is pretty easy too :D
  8. SamBraund

    SamBraund Member

    This is really encouraging!!
    I have only been on EE for 3 weeks, and have lost 1/2 stone.
    I think eating tons of fruit and veg works for me....I rush to the loo a lot though LOL
  9. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    I'm another one who does EE exclusively and I've lost 20 lbs since end of september. I've had a loss every single week (no gains or sts). I never had this success when I did SW before when there was no EE. I feel satisfied as I'm having a 'complete' meal.
  10. lottie1982

    lottie1982 Well-Known Member

    I'm loving it too - only 2 weeks in but lost 5lb and eating more than I ever have in the past - I don't feel deprived at all!
  11. ricardot

    ricardot Active Member

    well, im definitly going to do more e/e day's from now on then, it doesnt bother me not having 2 a choices as i only have a few cups of tea or coffee each day and can do without cheese and only 1 b choice is fine as i can have so much selection of other things:))
  12. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Well-Known Member

    I have done most EE days too as it fits in so well with family....love it.

  13. FloridaGirl

    FloridaGirl Well-Known Member

    Looks like ee is a winner all round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. ricardot

    ricardot Active Member

    great innit, finally finding an eating plan where u dont even feel like you are slimming, perfect :) lol xxxx

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