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Extra Easy is it that eas and does it work

hiya all,
im just beginning my 4th week at s/w and am going to do more e/e days.

i was wondering if anyone has had success on the e/e days cos i really cant believe what you are allowed to eat and still lose weight :D , it just seems unbelievable but i suppose you wouldnt be able to do it if it never worked :rolleyes:

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I do Extra Easy every day (well, only been on SW for 2 weeks) but lost 7 lb in two weeks on EE and even had some syns everyday. I think its fantastic and something you can keep up forever!!!!
well thats good to know, thx florida girl, on a green today so gonna do a few e/e's this week, no class nxt mon cos of bank holiday so got 2 weeks on it, apart from xmas day n boxin day, (gonna flexi syn them) so will find out in the new year if its worked for me ;)
3 weeks in and 10lbs off doing all EE days! You can think too hard about why it shouldn't work, it is too good to be true but I think if you just have faith in it, you won't be disappointed!


I see the light!

I have exclusively EE since the beginning (Sept 16) and so far have lost a pound short of 2 stone (weigh in weds - fingers crossed!) I have found EE excellent, I try and fill my plate with veggies or salad along with other free foods. I only eat until I am comfortably full rather than stuffed. If I am still hungry later I then have fruit and yogurt. To be honest I struggle to use my syns as I am enjoying all the free foods. I find EE easier and a more everyday diet that the whole family can eat!

Helen x
I'm another one who does EE exclusively and I've lost 20 lbs since end of september. I've had a loss every single week (no gains or sts). I never had this success when I did SW before when there was no EE. I feel satisfied as I'm having a 'complete' meal.
well, im definitly going to do more e/e day's from now on then, it doesnt bother me not having 2 a choices as i only have a few cups of tea or coffee each day and can do without cheese and only 1 b choice is fine as i can have so much selection of other things:))

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