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is it too late for my last shake?


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drink it!!!

u get 3 shakes a day for a reason - if u cut one out then u are cutting out vital nutrients ur body needs

go go go



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yay!!! lol


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gosh, I downed that one in less than 5 minutes lol.

I am going off the chicken soup by the way, I had it cold earlier hoping it would taste better, but it was worse than how it tasted when it was warm :( ohh well, I shall endure the chicken soup pain until friday


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i can only stand the choc drink first week love strawberry hated the choc and the cicken soup yuk like sweetcorn chicken and flapjack well what can i say yukk good luck any how ok this site is full of helpful people
lol, I want to say yuck to everything but im on LT until end of july so I shall refrain from being negative about them, but I am craving hot chocolate. I'll make the most out of the choc shakes next week :D


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I take of my shakes hot. Hot vanilla with double the water, two spoons of coffee, spoon of fibreclear, blended in the electric blender at the highest speed - Result - 2 glorious mugs of latte size and taste coffee.

Peanut flapjack (tastes of peanuts to me) with a mug or two of coffee and a pint of water at lunchtime) slowly nibbled and concentrated on to get the most value out of it.

Hot chocolate at night, once again made with double water and blended to within an inch of its life - Result - two delicious latte size mugs of hot chocolate while watching Corry!

Loads of water in between.

Once a week I have the chicken soup just to give myself a break from that choc and coffee taste and really enjoy it. Make it with less water and blend very very gently.

Only have the strawberry on a rare occasion for breakfast or lunch with plenty of ice.

My pharmacist told me Lipo were bringing out an almond flapjack. Maybe that'll be palatable.

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