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Is it too late???


She's me in a few months
Hi scooter chick, I am back on my first day again today :) Still nearly 4 weeks to go to christmas You could lose a stone by then and just have a few days off over xmas - sal x good luck


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Im feeling similar, I havent been trying hard enough but in one month you can lose more than one stone so it would give you a boost before new year.
Im going to go for it, might as well try!


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Hey hunni - welcome back! :D

I've been back since the beginning of November (after swearing I'd never do CD again :rolleyes:) but have had a bit of a blip at the weekend (friend came down to stay for the weekend, I intended to only have a bit of chicken from the Indian curry we had - long story short I ended up face down in a box of chocolates... :eek:). So like you, I'm debating basically the same question - is it worth carrying on now, or should I abandon ship until after Christmas?

How strong are you feeling? Could you handle Cambridge right now? Cos if you could, then you could easily be a stone down 3 weeks from now. Okay, if you come off altogether at Christmas, you'd put a fair chunk back on but probably not all of it.

And if you don't start now, how much additional damage might you do between now and Christmas, knowing that every night is a 'Last Supper' scenario? :D

Well, writing this has helped me, anyway. Back on the wagon for me, definitely. Up to Saturday I was 15lbs down. It's going to take a few days to get back there but I think I owe it to myself!

All the best for whatever you decide - and hope to see you here again soon!


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Ditto to the rest..Do it!! The wind up to Xmas can be a dreadful eat-a-thon. Rather be 10lbs/stone off than on :p


She's me in a few months
Thank you for all the replies. Well I text my counsellor and told him I'm ready. I feel so nervous!!!!!!!!!! I'm nearly at the point of crying cos I know that'll be the end of breastfeeding. My baby is 1 now and while I'd love to carry on time is not on my side. I'll be 40 next year and this weight is really starting to get me so I figure it's more important that my baby boy still has his mummy in 20 years, I've given him a full years breastmilk as well as delaying solids til he was 7 months, at a year he's a skinny wee thing, but perfectly healthy and happy and stops eating when he's full, I hope and pray he'll never have a weight problem like me. Even if I can loosen off the waistbands by Xmas I'll be happy!

Thanks for the welcome back Lily, been nearly 2 years, can you believe it!


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Welcome Back :) I think you have made the right choice to start now. At least you can lose up to a stone before christmas and just having a few days off wont be anywhere near as bad as not starting and having another whole month of eating what you want. Good Luck to you :)


She's me in a few months
Thanks Mishie, wow you weight losses are fab!!!!! Well done you must be feeling brilliant!


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Nah it's never too late.

Well done for getting back on board. Like everyone has said you have a good few weeks til Christmas and just think you will have lost by then and any damage done over Christmas would not be as bad as having to start after the pre start binge (I hate like a horse the week before and prob put more on)

Good luck xx