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is it true about bananas??

Depends how big they are and how many you eat a day! :D

A small banana is about 80 calories, so one of those a day is not going to slow down weight loss. Five a day might. ;)
Its like everything Hun...just eat in moderation and not to excess.


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Sometimes i have 3 lol they are justr convinient when you are hungry,, might stop buying them


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yer its just when i get caught late for lunch and i think oh i will have a banana to keep my hunger down but this morning i had a tesco finest jazz apple (Nicest ive ever had) that kept me going x
Yep, try some other fruits just for a change. I think some are superfree foods, like strawberries and melon? These are supposed to be good for speeding up your weight loss.
Grapes are also 'fattening' according to my uncles nurse!
I guess it's the quantities - you (well me!) can easily sit and devour two bunches in an evening while watching TV. But my uncles been stopped from eating so many as it's hindering his weight loss.

Found online;
"Fruits, especially those with a high glucose content, will cause a drastic insulin spike. Grapes and overripe bananas would be some examples of this. The insulin spike from simple sugars is the cause of fat storage, so yes eating too much fruit will make you gain fat. However, do not take fruits out of your diet completely since they are high in both fiber and vitamins. Eat 3-5 servings a day."
Grapes are full of sugar and again they can be eaten, but in moderation.
I guess it's the quantities - you (well me!) can easily sit and devour two bunches in an evening while watching TV.
Try freezing them. Takes longer to eat them and they are really delicious, especially the red ones. I'm not a lover of eating fruit at all, but frozen grapes are just yum.

The thing about the sugar in very ripe bananas is true, it's much better to eat them as green as possible.
I used to eat green bananas (couldn't stand them as soon as they'd gone yellow) but getting older I found they gave me horrendous heartburn! So I have them not too green & not too ripe now ;)
Hmm might try the frozen grapes, thanks. i've just finished 2 punnets, so not going to buy anymore for a while as I have bananas to use up, but thanks!
well i think they are same as everything else free,i eat lots of bananas and grapes and they dont hinder my losses and i believe with sw the more you eat the more you lose


Slow but sure....
I only have one banana a day, and I really love it, it fills in a gap with a cuppa in an afternoon, or I liked it sliced on cereals or sliced and covered with natural yoghurt and honey, the humble banana is so versatile - so don't give up banana's.
No, they don't slow down weight loss. SW wouldn't make them a free food if this was the case. If you are hungry and need a snack, eat one. I only snack on superfree foods in between meals and I eat a lot of bananas. Sometimes one a day, sometimes 3. I think sometimes people use them as an excuse for not losing as much as they think they should!!

But, before you shoot me - it's my opinion!! I believe all SW tells me and bananas wouldn't be superfree and unrestricted if there was a problem with them. Same goes for grapes :)

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