is it usual?


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i think that is connected to other thread, you need to drink more water and on a regular basis,not just when you headache.


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Have you given up a certain food that you used to eat alot of? ( i know most of us on diets do but that could be the issue).

I found giving up caffeine gave me headaches and the first few days without chocolate did it to me aswell!

Are you drinking enough?
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I used to be addicted to sugar free red bull - 2 cans a day!! :eek: I had my last one on Christmas day and I was poorly for a couple of days, I had headaches and felt crap. Like pink said it could be that your new eating plan if you've stopped eating or drinking something that you used to. But like eye said you could do with upping your water intake.

Hope you feel better soon x x


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When I first did slimming world, I did have headaches, what days do you usally have, green or red?



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i had headaches last week not sure if i was tired though but yeah deffo lack of fluid :) x


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Hmmmm, but then I also get headaches when I've drunk too much (alcohol!!!!) :8855:


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it's normal hon your running your body on food with much lower sugar content usually give it a couple of days and it will pass i usually break out really bad


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It could be all the toxins being released from the melting fat! Drink lots of water to wash it out and the headaches will soon settle down.
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Thanks, I'll up the water and yes chocolate has been removed from my diet.:eek:

well I'm off to bed with 2 pain killers again thanks:)


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hi there

hope u dont mind me adding my ten pence worth, maybe dehydration? Or carb withdrawal if u was used to having a lot, totm? Stress? Eyes need testing ?? Just a few ideas,lol

hope u feel better soon x

I've been doing sw for a week now and weigh in tonight, but i keep getting headaches. Has any one else experienced this? Is it normal? Any tips on avoiding them would be appreciated. I don't know if they are connected the craving and headaches.:sigh: