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is it winter?

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It's funny, I'm not cold this time around? maybe I'm just not in Ketosis? could that be? hmmmm


reaching my goal
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yeah i dony feel the cold but i do feel it in my hands and feet when in ketosis !


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all you can do in a good work out and hot drinks soups . heating on, i felt cold yesterday and today


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I have been feeling so cold for the last few days. I wear a hoodie and lie in the duvet. :(


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ketosis always makes me cold. I'm only on day 1 and already FREEEEEEZING!!!!
its cold anyway but CD makes things so much colder!
Worth it though! :)


I can do it!!
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I was cold in week 1, now i'm in week 4 I am cold again but think its due to the weather??

I have bought legwarmers and slipper boots and got my old duvet for when i'm sat on the sofa. Not had the heating on since the spring and i'm determined to not have it on yet!!
In bed I use a fleece blanket below my quilt and my quilt is a king size quilt on double bed so no drafts get in.
Thinking of getting some fingerless gloves to wear indoors. I am obsessed with saving heating money lol
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Oh yes, I am freezing. I am in my car the majority of the time and have the heating up so much!! But at home i live with my hot water bottle and blanket, when i make my last shake (hot choc) i refill my bottle for sleep time, and for the past week it is always on my feet still when i wake up the following morning x
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I have taken to wearing socks in bed like an old lady, I also have 2 quilts on the bed, one duck feather and one summer one!


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
just think of the extra calories shivering burns up, lol

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