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Is Marmite allowed?

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie thinking of starting the Dukan diet to lose that stubborn last half stone for the summer.

I'm a vegetarian so I know that I might find it a bit difficult but I really like the idea of being able to eat as much as you want as long as you follow the 'rules' on particular days.

I have one question - am I allowed Marmite on my two slices of wholemeal bread in the Consolidation phase?

Any information would be much appreciated!:)
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also your bmi is not really at a range to start dukan so that with salty foods will probably have you screaming it dont work
With all due respect to the memebrs here who have a lot of experience with the diet (scrumper :D) it can work for those with a lower BMI and start weight - westcountrygal's stats are not that different to mine, and I have lost significantly.

Dukan doesn't specify in the book that you must be of a particular weight range or BMI - there is a section that details the diet in relation to specifically obese dieters, but there's nothing to suggest that it shouldn't be followed for lower weights.


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and with all due respects back ..i dont think dukan would recommend his diet to someone with a normal range bmi with 7 lbs to lose ....
You are then on the dukan treadmill having to follow the stages which with someone wanting a quick fix for summer surely a low cal diet would be the ideal option. Also on the quick fix on dukan its too easy to do the attack lose the few pounds needed and then not follow it through and then pile back the weight and more ....
Oh absolutely I see what you're saying - and I think a lot of people even at goal think they'll just add extra attack days if they slip up.
But still westcountrygal wants to lose over a stone which should still be workable.
I'm sorry, I bang on about this too but please don't do Dukan. Yes, Dukan would work for 7 lbs (very quickly) BUT once you've lost that weight (over about 3 weeks, I'm guessing) you'll need to conso (phase III) for more than a month, then you follow the PP rule for life. In 7 weeks, I'm sure you could lose a pound a week in a way that is more reasonable. Dukan is great, follow the rules and there's no slip-ups, but not suitable for small amounts - too tempting to do the first 2 phases then carry on as usual and Dukan doesn't work like that.

One thing I would say, even though Dukan's not your best choice, check out the oatbran - it's fabulous and you can make bread with it too, very good for you and keeps you full for ages. Possibly just using oatbran instead of bread/cakes, etc would be enough to get the weight off!:)

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