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Is my 2nd week gonna be harder??

my diary may say otherwise ( i was definately panicking as the scales were saying no loss most of the week), but it was definately no harder, I was starting to believe in myself more that I could actually do it. The third week things were getting even easier. I started to enjoy the routine as the diet went on and feel i was in control rather than 'on a diet'! x


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I agree with mrsessex if deffo gets easier. You have already seen the results with your first weigh in, so are mega motivated, ketosis should have kicked in, and I found it fairly easy to keep going after that. I hope week 2 goes as well as week 1.


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I do believe that it gets easier. You will now get into a routine, your body will adjust to the calories and quantities that its getting and you will feel a thirst as you have built up a requirement for water/fluids. Good Luck and let us know what you think in 7 days time x
Thanks for all the lovely replies! Im glad it will get much better next week! Im lookin forward to my next weigh in and ill keep you all updated! If i struggle ill be straight on ere ha ha! Speak soon.. Hugs Linz xxx


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Good luck Linz - here's to week 2 togevva!


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I am just starting week 4 now and I find it easy now. Good luck with week 2 xx


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I think weeks 2, 3, and 4 are the easiest. You are still high on the big loss from week one and you can see a dramatic difference so it motivates you to carry on


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week two was a funny one for me to be honest, I wasnt hungry so in that respect it was easier but my head didnt work well, I picked a few times because 'I wouldn't gain back my big first week loss' I actually went on a night out and because i was picking I became hungry again I had tea before my weigh in, and only lost 1.1/4 lb but from that weigh in on I was back on track totally and have found the weeks easier as they go on xx
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i found week 2 easier, because already i could see the results. the second weekend my boyfriend and my sister and i went shopping and they got fish and chips. i felt a bit sorry for myself for a minite until i realised my dress was baggy! youl find little things every week that spurn you on!
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I agree that it gets easier - second week for me was more about dealing with head cravings rather than hunger but that has all dissapeared now... especially the last three days I have been walking on air! Less tired and just so positive... I find it becomes routine not to eat and you do find things every few days that spur you on!!! Good luck, be strong, you can do it!

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