Is Supernanny up the duff?


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Just watching it now, and I wondered if she is?

Not that it's, like, ANY of my business or anything; once a Heat fanatic, always a Heat fanatic!
I'm wondering if now would be the best time to confess to reading Now, Heat AND Closer, and to having bought Love it? :eek: :eek: :eek: It was tres embarrassing this weekend, when my 14 year old sister read the front of it, and suddenly squawked 'DOGGING? Dom, what's Dogging?'. For the very first time in her life, I pretended not to hear her!
Ooooh, a fellow magfiend - I buy Now and Closer every week, and have to fight my 9 year old to read them first! :eek: :p Not seen Love It though! ;)
Love it is a whole new world of utter trash! It's fab! No celeb goss at all, which i thought I would hate, but I don't, cos the real life stuff in there is so 'out there', plus it's only 60p.
Love It is not trash - she hopes her CD article is going to appear shortly..........:eek:
Don't know when, journalist has written her bit, am waiting for Cambridge to chase it up. They've probably decided not to bother - it's very tame and nowhere near sensational enough, perhaps I should have spiced it up a bit???
I bought Love It last week - thought only 60p will give it a go - now panicking because i can't find it and am concerned that 13 year old has swiped it for a read and is learning all about dogging!!!!

(Did like the little guide to doggers though hehe)!!
I watched supernanny last night and i just think that over the years she's just been piling on the pounds!! Poor love, someone tell her about VLCD! She looked very sexy in her first series!
At least she admits she's a size 20 and doesn't try and kid on that she's a 16, like Fern Britton, Michelle McManus etc!