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is the weight loss maintainable?


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I didn't have the hair loss. It can happen though, but it's not common.

As for maintaining, well. 3 years and something months (I forget and can't see my signature whilst I'm typing :D)


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Hi maintained for 9 months now and doing ok .
You must learn to eat better and exercise more or just move more no going in car or bus when you can walk :D.

As to hair loss I suffered quiet badly with this but I had a lot of weight to lose so may not be as bad for others .please remember its not for ever you wont go bald and its only the hair you would of lost anyway .your body stops shedding hair while on a low cal diet and when you start to eat again it starts to regrow so sheds all the hair in one go but your new growth has already started and you do not get rid of all your hair it just thins out .Well worth a short hair cut for a while in my opinion .
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I am really worried about whether I will be able to maintain the weight. Also I was wondering about hair loss as I have read some bad things on the net.
I worry about the same things.

I have lost weight and regained so many times on so many different diets that I don't know if I'll be able to actually lose all the weight and keep it off. I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible, and just take things day by day.

As for hair loss, I worry about that too, but there's one thing I know for certain: it will grow back!


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KD what are you doing for maintenance, I'd like to know your secret! :D
Ah, no secret. Sort of healthy eating and exercise. As in, eat healthy stuff I love with a bit of unhealthy stuff I love, and exercise in the way I love.

I love it :D :D
I lost some hair too once I started reintroducing food, it just seemed to thin out a bit, was scary though! But after a couple of weeks it settled down and noone else seemed to notice (or at least they didnt say anything:rolleyes::D)

I've now successfully maintained my weight for 20 months, like you I was so worried I'd pile it back on as I had before. That was one of my reasons for becoming a cdc, I thought it would keep me motivated to keep control of my weight, and it has:)

I still love foods that are deemed as unhealthy and I indulge from time to time. I have found that depriving myself of the odd treat dosent do me any favours as I end up having a binge moment:eek: So having a little of what I fancied worked for me.

I started off small, a treat was some dark chocolate and some nuts and seeds, I'd plan them and have them at my picky time in the evening. I have a very sweet tooth and thank goodness for sugar free jelly:D

I also kept a check on my weight and gave myself a buffer of 7lbs. If weight crept on a little I cut back for a week or so. It worked well for me.

I find now that although I'm still vigilant I have relaxed a lot more and dont seem to have to meal plan quite so much. I enjoy healthy foods and because I now allow myself the odd treat, I dont feel I need the treats so often. That may sound a bit wierd, but for me it's worked, if I felt I couldnt have something I felt deprived and so my inner self would fight back and before I knew it I'd be binging.

I definately think it takes time to adjust to maintenance and things like food diaries etc. really help in the early stages.

Best of luck with your dieting



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Warning, contains some food mentionings!!! Please don't read if sensitive! I would feel terrible!!


The short answer to ''is weight loss maintainable'' is yes. Obviously, it is. Whether it's easy or not is a whole different question ;-).

I haven't been maintaining my CD loss for long so don't feel like an expert or anything.. but maybe what I'm doing now can help you later on?

Working up the plans was tough but I made it through. It's quite doable, you just have to think about what to eat, when to eat it. Planning meals and such is a very handy tool for me. I also tell myself beforehand I will be allowed x treat today (whether it's a can of coke, a piece of chocolate, hot chocolate (no fat, no added sugar! <33) nuts or desert) and when the time for that treat comes I ask myself if I want it or not.
I think it's important to see if you really want it and why you want it. I used to binge in emotional moments so I had a lot of trouble dealing with those without food during CD. I haven't yet had an emotional binge and I'm pretty sure I'll have a whole lot less of those this year ;-)

I eat lots of veggies and in dinners I usually have 1/2 plate of veggie/salad, 1/4th of protein and 1/4th of carbs. I saw someone tip that and it works fine for me. I usually have fruit in between, I love sweet fruits like grapes and strawberries but apples and kiwifruits work just as well.

I did lose quite a bit of hair doing the steps up but I have very thick hair so losing a bit isn't bad! :) It will grow back stronger and more beautiful and I'll be healthy.

I keep a food diary in a small notebook, add up my calories and check if I have enough fruit/veggies. I sometimes put the carbs in there too. I'm from the Netherlands and we have different steps up so I'm currently at 1000-1200kcal. I plan on going up a bit but I want to find some stability with the food I'm having now before I up my calorie intake and start working out.

I plan to go to the gym 2x a day, I ride my bike to school 3 x a week (2x30=60mins x3= 180mins bikeride a week) and work out on our home trainer at parents 2x 30min in weekend. I don't know if this will work but I'm optimistic. So far I haven't gained weight back in fat weight, just some waterweight due to eating carbs which is now slowly finding a stable amount of % to be at. I'm still losing weight coz of my low calorie intake and I plan to caloriecount for quite a bit so I have a good view of what I eat and how many kcal it is etc etc.

Good luck hon,

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Did you super ladies go through the 6 steps before settling on your healthy diets or did you just go from sole source to healthy eating?

Also when you started adding food back in, did you gain weight? My CDC said when I start eating normally I would gain the glycogen weight back. I don't mind this as it won't change my silhouette but was just curious how much weight to expect to gain.... Maybe I could go below my target by whatever the glycogen weighs so when I gain it back, I'm bang on target.

Sorry about all the questions, just that I don't have that much to lose so I know I'll be needing this info soon.
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I went up the steps. It was really important to me. Had tweaked too many diets in the past and failed. Wanted to do it right this time so that I could blame Cambridge if it all went wrong :D


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
Hi hun,

Doing steps up is very, very important! It will easy you back into normal food. Going from SS to eating everything again will cause a big gain in glycogen coz when you eat carbs again some waterweight will come on. Working up the plans also helps you find a healthy eating pattern and which foods to have / what portions etc!

Very important, also, because it will boost your metabolism if you build it up slowly. Otherwise you may be eating a lot on a low metabolism and regain weight faster!



Edit: oh.. yea.. your question LOL! I did do the steps up! :)

Been at goal weight now for three years.

I did work up the plans properly and found that really useful for allowing my system to get used to food again as well as smoothing out the gain of glycogen while still reducing fat.

Maintaining for me for the first few months were really hard as I desperately wanted to overeat again as I hadn't dealt with the problems that got me big in the first place.

Anyway one nervous breakdown later and dealing with my problems and I was back on track.

Since though I have been fine and to be honest don't now watch what I eat at all as I tend to just eat my three meals a day and don't overeat anymore as I don't need to or want to.

S: 11st10lb C: 9st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 20.5 Loss: 2st5lb(20.12%)
Aww thanks so much ladies(and gent :D ) I appreciate the answers. I think the steps would be sooooo much harder than SS and I'm a bit scared to be honest... I would hopefully have reached target by the time I get married and I don't know how to deal with food on my honeymoon. I don't want to take shakes with me! Even though my fiance has been very sweet and supportive I don't think he would care for me having shakes AFTER the wedding. Maybe not so much if we were at home but on our honeymoon?? And we'll be in Paris with all the gorgeous food!!

Any idea what to do here? I think I can get away with shakes for breakfast but if I do lean protein only (like fish) for lunch and dinner will that be okay?
My main advice is please DON'T BE SCARED !

Being scared will just make you obsessive, instead of being scared then be fascinated and enjoy working through the plans and enjoy the food you get.

Then when on honeymoon just try and moderate as ultimately that is what long term maintenance is all about.

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I am a long way off maintaining as still gotta loose the weight but i am looking forward to it.

Going thro this is sooo hard and there is now way i am going to put this weight back on.

I didnt believe the cd could work so quickly and so well and thats already proved me wrong so a bit of trust in the steps and self believe will go a long way.
S: 11st10lb C: 9st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 20.5 Loss: 2st5lb(20.12%)
My main advice is please DON'T BE SCARED !

Being scared will just make you obsessive, instead of being scared then be fascinated and enjoy working through the plans and enjoy the food you get.

Then when on honeymoon just try and moderate as ultimately that is what long term maintenance is all about.

Thanks so much icemoose. My problem is this;

I've been on CD for about 3 weeks now and will probably get to goal around beginning to mid April. My wedding is bang in the middle of April so I aim to start the steps at the beginning of April whether I get to goal or not because I want to be able to eat on my wedding day. So for the honeymoon should I just eat everything in moderation or just proteins only?

Sorry to badger you, I'm meeting with my CDC tonight so I'll ask her but just wanted your opinion as well. Thanks so much for your help!

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