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Is there a best day to start


plodding away
Hi all

Am starting vlcd soon and was wondering if you have found if there is a best day to start the plan. I work shifts so one day is not the same as the next and am not sure whether to start on my days off or just before my days off.

I would prefer the 'worse' days to be on my days off so I can chill but no idea which days these would be. I know every one is different but there must be an average - hope this has made sense I tend to waffle after an afternoon shift!

Any advice welcome.

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Miss Phoenix

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Hi there, my 'worst day' was day 4, headaches, feeling tired and cold. It may not be the same for you but normally day 3/4 is the days people feel a bit weird. Hope that helps x


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I found it makes no odds being honest, I slip into ketosis without knowing you might be the same!! Lucky LOL

Enjoy the diet it's truely fab !!! X


I also work shifts and i started my first 2 days at work and then days 3 and 4 i have been off (i am on day 4 today) I actually found yesterday the easiest so far and i'm not sure what today will bring as yet. I weigh myself every morning and have lost 7 lbs so far so this is helping keep me focused too. Good luck x


I tend to slip in to ketosis no problem, but find week 2 I'm a bit tired. The first week the biggest problem is keeping busy, so I unusally try to start on a day I know I have lots to do and can't hang around the house picking.

Good luck!


plodding away
Thanks all for your replies. Will spend the next few days reducing my pepsi max intake - i love it, and upping my water intake then full steam ahead
good luck .. I didnt find the first week to hard physically to be honest it was just trying to drink enough water and I was mentally hungry and very emotional ( I cried as I did the food shop for the family as I knew I couldnt have any ...!!!) but it gets easier !!!
I was also a Massive Pepsi maxx addict .. drank at least 2 litres a day of the stuff .. and I had christmas day off the diet ... had a small can ... and it was horrible .. it ended up donw the sink as it tasted like acid ... I found it difficult to get used to water at first but now I am used to it and will never go back to pepsi ( although am hoping to get some water flavouring soon as I have just swapped from a diet that had no flavourings at all )

good luck and after the first 2 weeks .. it flies by and before you know it you have lost stones .... :)