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is there any "safe" food to add on ss?

hi all,

i am thinking about coming back on board but my main issue is i miss having something to sit and "eat" with o/h at weekend.

i'm not expecting to have a huge meal, but would i be able to have something low carb high protein without breaking ketosis? like a boiled egg or a chicken breast? even if it was instead of a pack? i think having that to look forward to would save me from jacking it in again!

if it helps any i would need 4 packs a day because i am a tall lady, not sure if one of these could be substituted a few times a week :)

thanks in advance xo
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please try again
have you had a look at ss+?

on ss+ regardless of hight you get 3 packs and a small meal

on the list are for protien, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, prawns, quorn, chickpeas and others i cant recall right now aong with your 2 tablesppons of veg


please try again
mm i might consider that but i only want to have the meal once or twice a week. thanks though, i will go and have a look x


please try again
im on ss hun but if im having a bad day i have an ss+ day, probebly happens a couple times a month, hasnt caused me any problems doing this
thank you sweets. i have a few weeks of cd packs left over so i think i will give those a bash before i go back to old cc with my tail between my legs... x


Mad as a Hatter
There is nothing to be ashamed off - most of us on here have restarted several times - none of us are perfect - well not me for definite...

My CDC welcomes me back with open arms - after all you are making money for them in the long run

I would go back and see them and tell them that you have struggled etc and see what they suggest - there is no time like the present !

Take care

i can't bear to until i know if i can do it this time. i dont want to keep bugging him! plus i think i might be about half a stone over bmi 40, so *slaps own wrist* (i am naughty, i know) i'm going to work with what i have then try a month of exante to see how i get on. i don't want my doctors involved at all, no matter what. so yes. i may be back on cd depending how exante goes... x


This Time It's Personal!
Hi colly strings,

I'd echo Madferret's advice to go see your CDC as soon as possible (and as soon as you feel comfortable - so for you, when you hit <40 BMI). I think you'll be surprised how understanding he is. If he's worth his salt, he'll even let you finish off all your old packs first but still go see him for support. Going it alone, whether CD or Exante, can work, of course, but most people find that the weekly check-in is the true motivator at the start.

The great thing about restarting *and* going back to your original CDC is that it gives you and him a chance to assess what did and didn't work so well the first time around, and how you might *both* do things differently. It could be a real turning point and chance for (spiritual, not physical) growth!

To answer your original question, sumayyah pretty much sums it up. It's the 'whites and greens' you're looking for. You almost certainly won't come out of ketosis. Again, I think if your counsellor's worth his salt, then you'll both agree that you go on SS and have one meal a week. It's a totally reasonable modification. Whatever works for you.

Of course, I'm sure you remember this yourself, but a couple of tips to keep in mind when eating solids on SS:

- Chewing solid food can induce cravings and hunger pangs in some people. If you're aware of that upfront, you're more likely to control it.

- You'll probably need to increase your water intake a bit to compensate for swapping out a shake/soup.

Good luck! I'm on my first restart and it was bloody embarrassing for about two minutes, but now I feel like I've given myself a really precious second chance that there's no way I'm going to waste, and I'm actually glad I failed the first time!

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