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Is this Ketosis?


Hope no one minds me asking this here. I wondered if Ketosis can be so easy to reach.

I must say I am not trying to reach Ketosis, I'm doing Diet Chef, but I have found that my pee smells, I smell and my breath smells and my mouth tastes funny. Sometimes I feel a bit nauseous, but not hungry.

During the day I eat;
Oatso simple porridge - plain
Beef Bolognaise with 1 oz of wheat free pasta
A Trek Protein bar
Pork Meatballs and butter beans in tomato sauce
Some fruit

My lunch and evening meals vary a bit but are always meat based.

Now I wasn't expecting to be in Ketosis but blimey the change in my natural odour! Makes me embarassed to admit it!:ashamed0005:

Is it Ketosis or something else?!
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This is really the time!
It is hard to say. Your diest contains quite a few carbs, so from that point of view I would think it isn't ketosis. But, I am not sure if there are other types of eating plans that can make people go into ketosis. Does it say anything in the literature for diet chef.

Personally, I get the funny taste in my mouth. But good oral hygiene and plenty of fluids sorts that. I don't think I smell. My pee is a different colour than it used to be, but never noticed it stinks lol....So, i can't be of any help sorry!:)


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hie im tyra, im doing the cambridge diet so i know what ketosis feels like, i think you are in some form of ketosis, dont worry about the smelly breath and pee, jus think of the end result. good luck


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Hello, im on atkins and in ketosis and yes i STINK!!

Really i do seem to have a different scent about me, which i am conscious of i constantly having a wash, or using babywipes and deoderising and brushing my teeth etc etc more often than normal.

My wee doent smell differen.... i dont think, i never stick my head down the loo to check
Sounds like ketosis to me, and when I was on Induction my pee was fluorescent. LOL


This is really the time!
Even with water is is bright. Funny!lol
I know sophs, how could it be that shiny LMAO, Glowed in the dark as well.


This is really the time!
Like Alien Pee!!!!lol
yes Love, and my breath and BO were awesome. I was having 3 showers a day and chewing sugar free gum like it was going out of fashion. Ah great days. LMAO

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Thank goodness it's not just me! Mine was a bit like ammonia yesterday - but I think it's because I haven't been drinking enough.
ammonia is a good description. LOL


This is really the time!
yes Love, and my breath and BO were awesome. I was having 3 showers a day and chewing sugar free gum like it was going out of fashion. Ah great days. LMAO
You can still be in Ketosis on a higher number of carbs, so just because you are having more carbs than say the recommended Atkins 20g, doesn't mean to say you are not in ketosis. I think its something like under 50g of carbs for more than 3 days and you will (most people) be in ketosis
Sounds like all the symptoms, so I would say you are.
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The question is, whether to lose weight or lose all our friends??? Crikey, I wish I hadn't read this thread! I have a cold so can't smell anything!! :sick:
poo, well if your friends leave because you're stinky then they aren't good friends in the first place are they. ;)


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i just go into denial and don't think about it. i didn't have many problems with cd, but i think with atkins, with all the extra meat i will eat i will smell different. my sweat smelt like meat yesterday. it was gross...
LOL, That's not gross, that's nice abz. well to an atkineer anyway. :)
LOL, welcome to the low carb world Bat. :D Neon pee and all.

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