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Is this normal???

Hi all,

I am day 5 of the diet and so far so good!!!
I am enjoying the food and don't even feel like I am on the diet!!
I never feel hungry at all, but I'm thinking that is because I am so bloated!!!
My tummy looks like I am 7 months pregnant and is rock hard!
It only began yesterday but I feel disheartened because my jeans are harder to do up now than before i started the diet!!!

Is this normal at the start of the diet???

Thanks for the help!!
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Stubborn and doing it
You may find you are eating more fibre than normal. How much water are you drinking?

If Diet Chef is different from the foods you normally eat, your body probably needs to adjust. Any diet change can bring about side effects, but they do pass really quickly.

Bear with it and if the bloating is painful, a spoonful of Andrew's salts in water will no doubt solve that problem :)
Thanks for the reply.

I don't think the food is that different really,maybe it is something that is in the food that is irritating my tummy.
It is just a bit disheartening when I feel bigger now than I did at the start of the week when I started the diet!!
I'm going to stick with it though and hope that it passes!!
Yeah, hope you feel better soon hun! Let us know how it's going.
Thanks for the support guys!!!!!

Well I took a laxative last night and that seems to have done the trick, lol!!!!
Feel so much better now my tummy has gone down and I am losing that bloated feeling!
Can actually notice my slight weight loss now:D
Now just have to try and get over the cravings for my saturday night glass of wine.


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You will be fine if you stick with it ! What are you eating/drinking ??
I had a really bad headache in my first few days .........
Haven't really had any headaches.
I have been drinking water, tea and coffee. Have uped my water intake quite a bit.
Feel lots better again today, actually got up and went for a run this morning, only managed to go for about 10 mins then the local lads all turned up to play sunday morning footie so I left to save embarrassment!!!!


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is the diet/food very different from what you would normally eat ?? It may be your tummy getting used to a change ??
Not really that different I spose.
But I think there are a lot more nuts, beans and pulses than I normally eat and that is what is making me bloat.
Did lose 7lb this week though which makes me want to stick at it even more!!!
Yeah i'm pleased!!!
Figured out as well that its not the food thats making me feel bloated and 'clogged up' shall we say!!
It's the painkillers I'm on as I hurt my back last week, duh!!!
Now i'm not on the painkillers my bloating is going down and my system is getting back to normal!
Long may the weight loss continue!!


is starting to disappear!
Long may it continue indeed. Doesn't the buzz of stepping on the scles and seeing the numbers fall just make you more determined to do it? xxx

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