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Is this normal?

Hi Everybody,

Tomorrow marks my sixth week of being on lipotrim and I've nearly three stone off. However, I've been encountering a few issues of late. Namely, feeling really light headed and getting really bad dizzy spells and having really heavy arms and legs. The majority of the time I feel great and wouldn't give up lipotrim for the world but I just wanted to check to see if anybody else had ever felt this way.
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Here we go again!
Hi Lucretia and well done on your loss so far, that's amazing.

I have had the dizziness throughout this. Only when I stand up too quickly, I just have to take a deep breath and try to get up slower.

Can't help with the heavy arms and legs though, not heard that one before.
Hi Lucretia, firstly well done on the weight loss thats brilliant, I hope you feel almost 3 stone lighter.

I am on wk10 this week and I have been feeling the same; light headedness, dizzyness, heavy arms and legs too! I can only assume its LT but I'm not rushing to stop and am hoping the feelings will pass soon.


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ive had dizzy spells and heavy, crampy feeling arms and legs, maybe just down to not having as much salt as you used to. im not too fussed, just wishing my time away untill im thin hahah


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Hi Lucretia

I have the dizzy spells too, sometimes to the point of almost fainting..but that is usually when I am in the allotment digging and I just go really faint.

I just think it is part and parcel of this wonderful diet...I just put up with it, and am trying to remind myself to not get up too quickly or bend quickly. Just another habit to learn.

I have very heavy legs as I walk up 2 flights to my office and I feel as though I have lead boots on, but I never felt that before. dont know what the medical, technical term is, probably something to do with blood sugars!!!!!! But, again, I can cope with that.

I think what you are experiencing is quite normal.


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Hi Lucretia,
very well done to you, 6 weeks and almost 3 stone. That is fantastic, you must feel great, except for the heavy limbs that is. It's good when others have felt the same, although not nice for them or you, but it must make you feel better knowing it's not only you. Hope the feelings pass soon. Best of luck.
Thanks everybody. I'm glad what i've been experiencing seems to go part and parcel; my mind has been really set at ease. Thanks once again :)


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yeh i go light headed n dizzy quite a bit but it used to happen when i was younger so i dont no what thats about hope it passes for you tho love


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I've got the heavy legs feeling too. I do over 100 stairs every morning just to get to work.....and it suuuuucks even worse now! My arms ache sometimes but don't feel as bad as my legs. Glad to hear I'm not the only one though....hopefully it will pass soon for us! :)

I also have the light headed/dizzy thing but I've had that since I was about 14 so I'm not too worried about it....just something to live with haha.

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