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Red Days Is this ok ?

Having my 1st ever red day & want to check I've done it right

Breakfast fat free yoghurt & mixed berries
Snack an apple
Lunch 2 ryvita (heb) with chicken on top cheese (hea) pickled onion and cherry tomatoes weightwatchers yoghurt and 2 plums
Snack some pomegranate seeds

Dinner turkey fillet and stir fry vegetables with mushrooms followed by a pot of sugar free jelly 0.5 syns

Planning to have a hifi bar & mug of options 2 syns later and probably something else small for a few more
Syns does this look ok ?
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Yeah looks ok but personally that breakfast wouldn't fill me at all lol you could try (if you wanted to) bacon medallions, mushrooms, tomatoes & poached egg & toast or ham & mushroom omelette with toast (HE B) its up to you obviously but I need a cooked breakfast in the mornings to get me going! :)
It all looks great, but i personally wouldnt feel full eating this. The beauty of sw is that you can eat more than a normal 'diet'. But if this filled you up and you feel fine then it looks good :)
Thanks all i don't feel hungry . I've always had this for breakfast on ee sometimes I'll add a cereal bar to it . I really don't have time for anything cooked I have 4 boys to get ready for school and a 16 year old to get off to college as much as id love to cook something . I might try some weetabix in the morning give me a bit of variation
Funky_Munky said:
If i recall correctly you can have four ryvita as a b choice but other than that looks fine z
This one confuses me .
I was told if I had 2 as a heb it was ss
3 = s it was up to you how many . Would appreciate knowing what is right


Will get there one day!
It looks good, I usually only do EE days so I'm not that up on red days however don't you get 1 or 2 HEA and 2 HEB? Do you have to have both HEB? It looks like you've only had one or are you having something else? X
Thanks had the mint hifi bar mixed with a Greek yoghurt & a mint options nom nom was lovely