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is this pain a common side effect????

hi all,

i started atkins a few days ago, but over the wknd i have had awful pain in my tum, especially on the right hand side. personally i think its because i dont normally eat such high amounts of fat or meat, its actually making me feel quite sick. is this a side effect, has anyone else had this or is it just me? im thinking of going back to weightwatchers if i cant shake this!!!

any advice please???? xxxx
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Are you constipated or suffer from IBS? If not then yes it probably is your body shouting because of all the extra fat, and of course it takes a lot longer for the meat to pass through your body.
You've only been doing it a few days so maybe your body will get used to it after a bit longer. I'll bow out and shurrup now cos I'm not actually doing Atkins but saw your post and as someone who gets a lot of 'dragging' pains especially in my right side I wanted to reply! Hope it gets better soon xx
hi suzie,

thank u for taking the time to reply, what u say makes total sense and soes sound like its just as i thought. i know any change in diet can cause unwelcome side effects, but iv never had anything like this b4! the only refief i can get is if i lay on the side that hurts. i dont think its constipation or ibs though both have prob played a part.

many thanks, and good luck with your weght losses, ur doing great!!!!

sarah x
You're very welcome love and thankyou!
You're off to a great start, keep going and good luck! x

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hi Sarah-Louise, I think this sort of thing is quite common for people who are switching from CD, I guess your body needs to adjust to eating real food again but judging from the experience of most people on here it will pass. Hope you feel better soon.
Hey, as an ex cd'er i suffered with tummy problems for a couple weeks after making the change over. It took a while to readjust to things but i'm fine now so long as i avoid too much cauli as i've found that it gives me awful stomach pains... Maybe it's something in particular you've eaten?? I only realised my cauli issue after a pattern formed n now i avoid it more i'm much better.
Hi Sarah-Loise, can't really answer this one as I was always a big meat eater before Atkins.
hi all,

sorry for delay, iv had no pc for a week or so. during my time away, i have gone back to weightwatchers as atkins was going to be difficult for me to follow as im not a big meat eater and the pain i was getting has since subsided since changing back so i think i was right that it was atkins related. things are great now, settled back into ww well, lost a pound in my first week back but its still a loss so im pleased and hope to reach my september challenge! thank u all for your replies and for making me feel welcome in the atkins forum, but i think i need to go next door to ww :)

wishing u all fantastic progress in whatever stage u are at xxxx

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