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Attack Is this the same as Quark...

Managed to pick up some Quark eventually, however, in Lidl this is what they told me was the same as Quark.

Frischkase-zubereitung Light

per 100g

Energy 61Kcal
Protein 11g
Carbs 3.9g of which sugars 3.7g
Fat 0.2g
Fibre 1.4g
Sodium 0.3g

Forgot to say this is made by Linessa
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Frischkaese is - BUT is this not one with fruit bits (the fibre gives it away)? If not, then GREAT. If it's got fruit in it then please avoid for attack. Other nutritional values do look nearly right though (for plain quark).

And if Lidl do plain low-fat Quark then you're just saved my life :)


** Chief WITCH **
Mine too. I never found it in Tesco!
label doesnt say anything about fruit but hey that doesnt say much.


** Chief WITCH **
I compared it with the 0% fat fromage blanc we have here and it's not far off (ours is slightly higher in protein, lower in carb and sugar, and fat free) but ought to be ok. Subject to Mouse or someone who's found quark getting a magnifying out and studying the small print.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Mine too. I never found it in Tesco!
The trick is that in *some places* it is with the 'Speciality cheeses' - not with the cottage cheese or cream cheeses. Ditto the FromFrais which was hiding with the yoghurts....

And then again it's often simply SOLD OUT ;-) Personally I'm now just as happy with 0% Fromage Frais, except when I need the 'drier' texture my fave Quark brand gives me...


** Chief WITCH **
Mouse made us a victoria sandwich and the filling was made with quark so I wanted some <stamp foot!>


Not very good at this!
That big Tesco near your 'home' must have it - it is by the cottage cheese - shall I send you some when you come over shortly?


** Chief WITCH **
Mouse - I went to that big Tesco twice :-( I must need my glasses to find it... as for your posting it over, maybe we'll be able to get you over to the café in my town for a cuppa? Will depend when it is of course as to whether I can stretch it over a weekend...

As for Sainsbury's, pffff. The local one doesn't have a great deal that's Dukan friendly. Even the cottage cheese was high fat (leastwise the one I found).

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