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Is what I have ordered OK?

hi i brought some shakes the other day from avidlite will start tomoro i plan to have 4 shakes a day to start with n see how i go :) could ya let us know how you get on and which flavours you like the best . thanx
oooo the choccy shakes are delish....but i would advise to get a good multi vit too take just to cover yourself

and remember to drink lots of water!
just had a chocolate shake for breakfast they are yummy i was surprised at how nice it was so far so thanx for the tip justforme will pick up a good multi vit today.


what are the protein loads in each of those products?

Actually just went and looked at the Nvs on the site, you are massively undershooting on the protein you need more. The vits and minerals wont be the main problem, but the protein requirement is nowhere near what you need to maintain muscle stasis.

You are getting 11g protein from a shake
and 15g approx from each bar, taking you to max 41g of protein throughout those meals during the day. Even if adding in another shake you're only looking at 52g protein. If sticking to 4 shakes then only 44g protein.

You should be aiming for about 60-65g protein to stop yourself getting sick.

Its not just about calories or vitamins, you NEED protein too.
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oh bugger, that is not good news! i researched it on here and thought as I understood it that there are too types and the type I got was suitable as a meal replacement
hi megisabel iv just had another look at the dietmeals the normal shakes are only 11g's protien where as the dietmeal pudding shakes are 18g's each some of the other products contain more protien as well i have the irish hot choc n that has 18g's also on the back of the box it tells you all the vits it contains the normal choc shake have quite a few but i thick the pudding/shakes are the complete meals have higher levels if protien n vits its just a case of checkin a the products to find the higher protien :) hope this helps a bit x


taking it 1 day at a time
I'm using dietimeal shakes like celebrity slim, ie, 2 shakes per day and 1 balanced meal. I've just checked the back of a pack and, although the powder itself only has 11g protein you are supposed to make it up with 250 ml skimmed milk taking that up to 20g. Hope that helps.
what about mixin the shakes as normal with water n adding a low carb meal? i seem to be doing alright on the dietmeals so far so not changing it yet i have 4 packs a day i am taking a multivit with iron and the ones i aready take for hair skin n nails x


taking it 1 day at a time
Anyone know approx amount of carbs you can eat and stay in ketosis? Average carbs in a dietimeal shake made with skim milk is 26g according to the pack.

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