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isnt it great when you're clothes dont fit!

Im loving ww, seriously i am loving every minute of it.
I dont feel deprived, hungry or depressed like I have on previous diets.
I work in my local ASDA i started working there last July.
When i was given my uniform my size 26 trousers didnt fit. I'd only ordered them because i was too embarrased to have my size specially made for me! i didnt really expect them to fit most of mine were a 28 to 30.
I still tried them on though i couldnt get them half way up my legs!
So I ended up wearing my comfortable size 28 evans trousers!
I didnt start ww till the middle of Jan this year, but since then i've noticed such a difference in my clothes.
The first time i put my combats on and they felt loose round the waist. I felt the diet must be starting to work!
The belt round my jeans needed tightning. I felt exstatic!
Now 2 months on if i dont wear a belt around my jeans they WILL full down, my evans work trousers have been safely tucked away for me to look at when i get to goal. They were hanging off me.
The best achievement was trying my ASDA trousers on and being shocked that they would go up and do up. I was really uncomfortable but at least i could do them up.
Now a few weeks on from then i wear these trousers with pride. They're no longer tight they do up easily and feel really comfy! Nearly a year ago when i started my job there would have been no way i'd ever have thought i'd get into these trousers. Now im longing for the day when i can order a size 24!
Yesterday i went to George, they go up to a size 24 in there. It wont be long until i'll be able to buy some clothes from there...with a little staff discount...he he...
I saw some jogging bottoms in there size 24 they had them in grey black and navy for only £3 a pair. Mum told me to get a pair that i'd soon be able to fit in them. When i got home i tried them on not thinking they'd fit but guess what??? They did they're not even tight. And yes i do know jogging bottoms are baggier etc etc but i was so chuffed.
I joined curves gym about a month ago now. I went to evans and bought some size 28 bottoms for £14. They dont fit now. Im just pleased i dont have to be ripped off with over priced clothing anymore. £3. for a pair of joggers is nothing i could have bought 4 pairs for the price of the one at evans!
The gym did my measurements a couple of days ago. They printed it all out for me and im so pleased i've lost 7 1/2 inches. I new i'd lost but the feeling of achievement makes me want to succeed even more.
This morning was wi, I started at 20 stone 9, im now 18 stone 13. Going down into another stone bracket is great.
I've always given up on diets before i started to get results.
Now its a different story altogether. I've lost weight and inches, and i know now i wont give up!
Gosh dont i go on and on.
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likes posting.
Hi Laura i enjoyed reading your post.I know how you feel i lost 6 stone last year & as i was going down in weight i was so excited trying on clothes.
Keep up the good work,there are lots of advantages too losing weight.Im doing weightwatchers now just too finish off my journey.In may we are going too Greece i cant wait too get on the plane, as last time i went i needed a extention.
All the best.
loved ur post laurie!

its made me all excited now for when my clothes start to get looser. I've got piles and piles of clothes tucked away that I buy saying I'll slim into them. Now I feel like I actually will fit into them soon! All I have to do is stick to the diet! Easy peasy hehe



Going From Flab to FAB!
Yay ! well done! ......... Its brilliant to read about your loss so far! it is a wonderful feeling to get into smaller clothes! .. Im in an 18 at the moment and im now wearing a belt which was on the last hole but is now on the fourth! woohoooooo

It really is a wonderful feeling xx


Striving to be good.....
Isn't it fab? I too bought a suit for work in teh January sales and got home and found that I couldn't pull them over my thighs......
I lost a little bit by myself and got them up but they were about 5" from doing up....
Started CD on 24 Feb and on Wednesday 19 March, I wore them to work - everyone commented on how well i looked......

I so hear you Laurie...... its a wonderful feeling to see your body changing shape to the one that you really want.....

Power to you my friend.....

Long may you continue

Lots of love

Michelle x
Thanks everyone this is the best forum ever!

May I ask a question plz?

I just dont want spend much money on clothes at the moment cos i see it as a waste of money... I know you can sell them on ebay later on but still dont see the point. Once i can fit in clothes from cheaper shops i wont mind. But at the mo its still Evans or Simply be. And they're so dear. What do other people do?
hi laura i got by with what i had the only thing i brought was a pair of next jeans size 16 which were £20 and they have fitted me a while. (i was a size 22-24 now 14-16,) what about second hand shops some have some really good clothes in all sizes. im not really a clothes person, but like you say its great to have a chose now.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Think id be tempted to trawl ebay for some bargains! .......... I do this for my jeans etc and usually save a few quid! xxx
Hey hun, congrats on your fab weightloss!!! I would suggest charity shops - like Dawn says they usually have a good assortment of sizes and you would be amazed at the quality of some of the stuff in there! xxx
Hi Laurie, you are doing so well, I think MK One is great for plus size clothes at a really reasonable price or even new looks plus size range is pretty nice, I get alot from those 2 shops.
Firstly, well done you are doing brilliantly!!

Re clothes I used to buy one pair of work trousers and 5 t shirts in each size and just keep washing and wearing. Wasn't very glamorous but did the job and didn't cost too much, £15 dotty peas trousers and £5 t shirts from M&S. Save those pennies for goal and then spend spend spend!!

Firstly, well done you are doing brilliantly!!

Re clothes I used to buy one pair of work trousers and 5 t shirts in each size and just keep washing and wearing. Wasn't very glamorous but did the job and didn't cost too much, £15 dotty peas trousers and £5 t shirts from M&S. Save those pennies for goal and then spend spend spend!!


Georgie- ur pics are gorgeous what a difference. Such an inspiration. How have you found the diet and how long did it take you to loose your weight.
Well done you! xxx
i wish i could do the cd i tried but failed. I know i would have lost more weight by now doing cambridge but id be so unhappy at least i can eat now and i enjoy eating more than what i did b4 for sum strange reason. It dont take long on cd does it.
I remember reading about icemoose he looked fantastic have you seen his pics?xxx

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