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It arrived!

S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
So, my slim-at-home kit arrived today. I'm pretty pleased with it, though the tape measure is missing, which was disappointing. I've emailed and I'm sure it won't be a problem.

That aside, there's quite a bit of stuff in the kit - the book, exercise dvd, motivational dvd, pedometer, portion pots, a big tub of 'firming up' body lotion (sceptical), two weeks free online membership, voucher to join class free, the same little books they give out at the classes, inch loss plan handbook and the toning exercise band. Oh and a small gift-bag to keep the books in. It was £50 plus p&p - and I know that I could have got the book/dvd cheap enough on Play, and the other stuff I expect on Amazon. But it's still not bad for the dough, in my opinion. And there's something motivating and exciting about getting it all parcelled up in one go.

whoop whoop, bring it on!!
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It seems like a very nice goody bag of stuff to get you started on your RC journey!

Best of luck and as soon as your body measuring tape arrives get those measurements done as when the inches start coming off it is very motivating as well as the weight loss.

Before and photos are a good help as well, sure there was not a camera in there as they seem to of thought of everything else:p
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
Thank you both! I'm such a big kid when I get a parcel :rolleyes:

Today I sat (like the school nerd) and filled in the handbook - it asks you to write down reasons for losing weight etc.

There was a box in which to write two lists, one stating the advantages of losing weight (more energy, looking good, confidence etc) and another for the disadvantages of dieting (cutting down chocolate!) - I think this is a good idea, and it was really easy to see how the positives far outweighed the negatives.

So now I'm going to be following the inch loss plan, and I shall of course keep you posted.


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G: 9st0lb
I'm much the same when ever we get a parcel. Even if it's not for me ha!

What's your weigh in day going to be? X
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
I joined the May challenge, so will weigh on Monday for here, to keep up with that. I have been trying to keep everything cut down while I waited for the kit. But for the journal thing I got with the kit I shall weigh next Saturday.

In reality I'll probably be on the scales EVERY day


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In reality I'll probably be on the scales EVERY day
I think thats something we are all guilty of.
Glad it finally arrived for you, it is a new exciting phaze so well done.
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
Glad it's not just me obsessed with the weighing thing!
Thank you for your well wishes. :)

Been most surprised with portions - obviously smaller, but the amount of meat is much greater than the carb bit, which is the opposite to what I usually do. Maybe that's the bit I've been doing wrong

How are you all doing?
Sunday's going to be a bit of toughie - it's the day I most usually over indulge. And in this first phase there's no puddings!:sigh:


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i loved my weighing scales till they broke i don't obssess as much now i have to admit, before if i put a pound on mid week it was like def con 4 at our house haha.
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
I know that one princessaria! This morning I lay in bed thinking 'shall I just NOT weigh myself this morning', feeling sure that I'd gotten somehow fatter. I spent 20 minutes - could have been exercising! - deciding, and then of course I weighed myself :/

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