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It had to happen!!


Doing it for keeps now!!
Over the past couple of days I've slipped and now...

:cry::cry::cry:I AM OUT OF KETOSIS!!! :cry::cry::cry:

I pee'd this morning and there were ketones and I've pee'd all day and it's as clear as a bell!!

Why oh why oh why can't I stick at something for more than 5 minutes!!!!:mad::confused::sigh:

Thanks to those who took the time to be a text buddy today!:)

But I am seriously wavering folks....I am starving and have already had the equivalent of an AAM...I have one shake left and have had about 5 bovril/bouliions today to stop myself eating more!!!!!:(
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It could just be that the water has diluted the ketones!!


Right, panic over! Get doing that yoga video missus xxxx


MUST get a grip

Are you really hungry or are you just bored??? Its very easy to want and feel the need to eat and get it mixed up with other feelings, you end up talking yourself into eating like its almost a good thing to do!

Are you really hungry that you will pass out UNLESS you eat?
Drink more water, flavoured and warm!
THINK about how much longer you will feel like cwap because you have eaten rather than just the few moments that its in your mouth then GONE!

And Mrs..... Why are you keep checking ketones - on LL they only do it once a week??????? Get the keystix and put em in the drawer - naughty xxxx

Sending you a big hug - you can get through tonite, split your final pack in 2 have 1st half at 6pm final half at 8pm - THEN GO TO BED xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Doing it for keeps now!!
thanks folks, I know you are right and I would say the same thing to someone else. But when you hit it yourself it's so much harder to accept!!:eek:
Then write it down! star a diary thread - i demand it xxxx


Doing it for keeps now!!
Morning FOlks!

OK So I pee'd this morning and guess what.....a lovely dark pink colouration!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back in ketosis...so will use that to keep me going!!:eek:
yay.. thats good.. like BG said.. keep a diary.. and even if you have to come on here and take a look at the inspiration thingy at the top.. or try to do something with your hands.. its hard.. buti know you can do it..
well done on the ketosis.. *hugs*
x x x
Good on ya for stickin with it !!

you can do this....focus on where you want to be and go for it !!

Debz x
Good on ya for hanging in there, it will soooo be worth it!!