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it s thursday!lets do it hour by hour!!!!

Hi guys,im up and didnt eat any bread yippee.It makes me so mad how food can have a hold over us like that.I t changed my mood ,from a good mood all day to a depressed one at night.There we are rant over ha ha xx:)
i bet you feel so pleased you didn t give in aren t you well done you
i got on the scales this morning and i ve lost 3.5 lbs since yesterday that 5 litres must of really helped:D:D
i know it s so difficult to stay focused i went to a wedding on sat and just gave in yesterday was my first full day ss so i need to get my head on again, and believe in myself

we can do this ,just can t wait to be slim want it so much
Thanks,i am pleased this morning,last night i wanted to have a damn good fight.When i watched big brother i could of ad one with that charlie ha ha xx:)


is gonna shine in 2009
Well done on don't giving in!! It's weighing for me today


is gonna shine in 2009
lol meant not, not don't!! Good luck too hun x


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Morning all, I am only have awake and so ready to go to bed again it's untrue, i am so tired and I have no idea why. I don't know how my day is going to as i need to move my 10 month old daughter to her own room so will be busty doing that.

Good Luck All
Morning all!
Paula i knew you would stay strong and fight the temtation hun,well done and good luck on your weigh in and you to kristy.

Congrats on your weight loss itsnowornever and spooky yipeeee.

morning nessa hope you have a great day and stay as strong as you where yesterday, Good luck everyone

I'm about to have a shake( i'm trying to get use to having meals at the normal time) really confident about today.
Hi all,
Ive been looking at these day by day threads but never commented. Ive been really struggling to get back into SS after having a week off and then having the last weekend off. Today is now day 3 of my restart and all is well so far im trying to keep my water intake up but tis hard at work to keep drinking and going to the loo cos we have tight rules etc about leaving are desks lol. Hope everyone else is going well. :D
Hi sophie,
Well done on the restart and two full days of SS and i'm sure you've got the strenght to keep going all the way to goal. I find if you drink the water slower( mouth fulls here and there) it doesnt come back out as fast, if you drink it to fast it comes right back out.

Congrats on your weightloss so far. Good luck

Thanks paula

Mrs Roch

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Day 4 for me and feeling ok this morning, not as tired as I have been during the rest of the week...

Have just had a quick read through the thread and there's such a positive vibe coming from everyone's comments, this is definitely the place to come where you're wavering...

Don't feel hungry, have filled up my first jug of fizzy water with Summer Berry and am going to try and hold out until my first Tetra...

Wishing everyone a great Thursday and good luck to all of you that have weigh-in's today...

Thanks carebear i will try that today see if that works any better :)

Mrs Roch, i too am holding out for my first tetra/bar of that day - im not often hungry first thing in the morning its after then i start to get the pangs. Ive found that im ok until i have my first thing and then after then i want them all straight away...

Good luck to everyone who is weighing in today :D

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