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It' Thursday **LETS DO IT HOUR BY HOUR**


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 3 for alot of us today.....did a K stick this morning and not in Ketosis yet, :mad: hope by tomorrow I will be.

Had a GT already and 1/2 litre water...will be popping into town later....no snow yet but apparently it's on it's way :eek:

Hope for a good one again today, I am determined!!!!!!!

catch you later hunni's

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Morning Maggie

Sorry Hun, I AM in ketosis :D although showing trace only ;)
Its snowing here
the kids are back to school today and I am popping to see Mum with a GT bag in my pocket :D

Starting the day with a GT now and i have 4 :eek: new clients later!
Good luck to those of you on day 3. Im on day 1 today, and i'm excited! I'm sat here with my pint of water and cappucino shake - feels like im back in routine already.

Will be back on here this afternoon upon my return from work and an update on my day! Got my paracetamol in my bag - just incase the headaches start today.

Hope you day 3ers are feeling ok?
Morning all

Still feeling pretty crappy but on the Lemsips and another quiet day at home. Not been doing too well with the water but lots of cups of tea, I know I know not quite the same but hey ho! Scales keep dropping down to 9st 11 this morning which 3.5lb down from the day I left from holiday. Can't quite believe it so am not getting too excited in case my scales have malfunctioned whilst I am away!!! Monday will tell!

Good luck to all, here's to a great day 3.

I'm off work today so shall be on here lots. Officially Day 2 for me today as I was a big fat cheat on New Years day. I battled my demons last night though, so am very proud.

We have snow here; have just put poor horse out in the field with 2 rugs on. I'm such a bad mother! I'm feeling guilty already so will go and get her back in at lunchtime.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done Sam your doing a grand job....4 packs is a lot better than norties!!! Stick with it hun x.

I am on my 2nd GT now....just debating whether to get dressed yet or have another game of scrabble.........................Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm



One Day at a Time
Morning All

I am at work, ready to start another fun-filled day. I'm on Day 4 and althougth I was in ketosis yesterday I stepped on the scales today and am a little disappointed... I've lost 0.1lb - I know silly me... its very early to expect a lost but I was hoping for at least 1/2lb. Never mind - onwards and upwards... have a great day everyone and try and ignore those pesky headaches....

Will pop in tonight after work!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Lolly, try not to get on the scales too much because, as you have found today it can set you mood up for the rest of the day, and that is when you can fall off the wagon.

If you need to weigh yourself try only doing 2-3 times a week...or better still just leave it too your CDC's scales.

Have a great day



Silver Member
Morning, today will be my first proper day on CD for 2008! Wish me luck everyone :)
Morning girls I had my first weigh in last night and lost 11lbs in my first week so i am very proud of myself :D

Its deffo given me a boost although my CDC told me that i need to drink more water :( im already having nearly 3litres a day! anyway gonna have my first pack in a while

Good luck all you day 1 and day 3ers xxx
Good Morning Girls

Well done Sam your doing great huni ,& 4 packs is way better than eating rubbish xx

Good luck Chika for your restart today xx

Georgie really do hope you fell better very soon hun,xx

Nicky thats great that you have had a visit from the K fairy,enjoy your child free day,shame its snowing with them going back to school today xx

I am on day 3 of restart, alls going well,have had 1 black coffee so far, nearly finished 1st ltr water,and am just haveing 1st GT of the day

right maggie must be my go at scrabble so am off to do my go lol

hey girls you are all doing brilliantly. keep it up. Im not brave enough to go straight into ss after all the gorging over xmas so working my way towards it for Monday when Im back to work! BUT I'm dead impressed with myself as Ive lost 3.2lbs over the last 2 days YYYYIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE. I'm so excited - I cant wait for ketosis to kick in next week the weight will be flying off!

Mel - sorry didnt get back to you last night but ketosis should kick in on day 3-4. have a look at all the sticky's on the top of all the msgs on the cd forum - they will give you loads of info bout diet on top of what your cdc will tell you and also you can always ask any of us any time. Everyone is Sooooo friendly and helpful when youre having fab days or cr*p days!

I lost 64lbs in 16wks oct05 -feb 06 but cr*p happened at work and things went pear shaped and 2st went back on. I also had a tummy tuck in nov 06 but then even more cr*p happened and I managed to put on 2st from may-sept 07. So here I am now back to where I started but all fired up to get it all off AGAIN but this is the LAST time.
As ever the food demons always get you and as they say on here unless you deal with the reasons why you eat then it will always go on and off.

Feb 16th ooh not long then I'm getting excited for you that stone will come off in no time dont you worry.

Morning folks ... day 3 arrives and i'm feeling a little tired still, but very determined. I'm very proud of us for sticking to this so well. Am contemplating driving to Cambridge later, but I think it will depend on the weather. Good luck to everyone today ... KEEP GOING!


Morning gals! Day 3 for me today - am hoping for another good day - I fink my demons must be on holiday still LOL

Here's to another good day for all
Lots of love
Morning All

Just read through your posts which have given me a lift as the ol' motivation isn't particularly high at the moment I'm afraid.:( Feel ok but the sweetie cravings are rearing their ugly heads again!

As long as i don't creep over 9st (which was my end goal) then I am not going to stress so here's to the long road of maintaining!

You all sound as though you are doing really well and very positive.

It's snowing here and I'm off to London in a few hours to see Les Miserables.

Hope you all have a great day
OOoh I love Les Miserables JJJ - enjoy it !

Well we all seem to be staying positive, well done us! Good luck Chika and brilliant result Lynsey.

Still only managed 0.5 litres so far - bad bad Porge, must try harder!


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