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'It will catch up with you'

How often do you hear this? Do you belive it?

I have had a cr*p week, and please believe me when i say that! Done a lot of exercise but i've had 3 days totally off plan (booze, takeaway, McD's etc!), in fact i have only had 1 day where i have been 100% :eek:

I braced myself for a gain but lost 1.5lbs. My C once said that it's a myth that it catches up with us as food is processed within 48 hours, either passed through our bowels or stored as fat/energy. So as my blowout is over 48 hours ago i seem safe.

I can't help but wonder if the ladies at the back of class muttering that it will show next week are right! I am having my usual night off tonight, but then aiming for a 100% 6 days to next weigh in. It will interesting to see my loss next week, and see who's right!
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Sometimes having a bit of a blow out seems to kick start my losses again, sometimes I have a loss followed by an unexplained gain and sometimes I have an immediate gain (even after being reasonably good) - So it's something that can affect you different each time!
Thanks for your replies!

Hope i can be the exception :p

I'm looking at it as an experiment ;)
It's more to do with your metabolism than anything, it changes on a slower basis

Like for example if you starve yourself, you probably will lose weight in the following days, but it changes and the body goes into panic mode, storing anything and everything it can get its hands on.
So hopefully, my metabolism should have a boost now, and if i keep eating as i should (not restricting myself), it should stay at a good rate? Is that how it works :confused:


I can haz cake?
So hopefully, my metabolism should have a boost now, and if i keep eating as i should (not restricting myself), it should stay at a good rate? Is that how it works :confused:
in theory yes.. if you go crash dieting/eating less than normal you may not neccesarily "make up" for what you did. In that situation if its going to go on next week, it probably will regardless. We all need a break to spoil ourselves every now and then, the most important part is being back on track again =)

You never know you may be one of those lucky sods who get away with it, or you ate less than you actually think you did ;)
I never thought that it was true......... Untill this week last week I was 25% good and lost 1.5lb this week I was friggin awesome like the diet guru and I gained 1/2! Ggrrrrrr!
I think that it's not that it "catches up with you" but that some people think that because they have only been 50% on plan and still lose weight, they can do the same every week and still have the same loses!

Therefore - be v good and 100% on plan this week and you shouldn't have any nasty shocks at the scales!!
Sometimes mine would catch up with me the week after even after being good for the week and other times like Jenny said it would kick start my losses again.
I went a month where I kept maintaining and it drove me mad so I relaxed a little off plan for a couple of days and it kicked the losses straight back in again. I have no idea why it does though and also not suggesting you go on a binge but thats what happened to me lol!
Good luck for next week and I am sure if you work for it 100% then you will still get a loss xxxx

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