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Its all about Vicky & Linzi's numbers....

:) Its been rubbish. couple of people asking questions but think the only newby is


rest are just questioning.

I was thinking we would have about 10-15 newbies!
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yes but she posting on low carb and doing more of her own low carb!


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How long has this forum been going? You must have seen a lot of faces come and go, Jim?
I have indeed, I don't know how long the forum has been going but I have been here since November 2009 I think. I'm always sad for the ones who don't thinks it's working quick enough and move on to something else.
I also wonder about the ones, who announce a big fanfare and say "I'm Back" but then vanish again??


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I thought ye were on about litres of water consumed, ha ha how wrong was i Lol
aye, its the 'i'm back' brigade that puzzle me. if they know it works, why come and announce it if they are not in the right frame of mind to go for it?

as a newbie myself, i understand the getting caught up in the excitement thing, and i was slightly afraid of coming on and saying here i am doing atkins and failing miseably then fading away.
i would'nt say i've had the earth shattering success of many, but certainly for me this is working sloooowly, i will jsut need to be patient, but that's ok, because i am certain in time i will be the size i want to be.
i guess some just don't take the time to properly understand how it works, think its a quick fix fad, and find they can't commit.
HP did you start in jan love?
Jim yes bet you start thinking of bikinis soon ;)
people want quick fixes though. ive tried dukan great results but missed my atkins food!


This is for life
I am not a number - i am free (wo)man!

No seriously i need you guys to help me stay on this journey - i'm not planning to do this twice :)
appreciate the help so far - ((hugs)) the entire board

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