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It's all going wrong!!

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I really need your help ladies and gents. It was my birthday 12 days ago and I made the decision to allow my self 1 birthday meal. I then went away on holiday with my Husband and ended up eating then aswell. When we got back I wasn't well and so ofcourse I wanted chocolate and chicken soup and other yummy treats to peark me up. So in a nut shell what should have been a total of 1 meal has turned into 3 meals a day with bits inbetween for over a week! I am really struggling now to get back on the horse. Has anyone else gone so incredibly wrong on this deit like I have and how did you get back on!?! Help:cry:
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I know exactly how you feel. I was doing great on the diet, then once I cheated once I couldn't stop.

I'm now back on the diet 100%. It was a case with me, I had to say OK either I'm going to do it or I'm not. And then I decided that's it I will be 100% from tomorrow. I have found it difficult to get back on it, but once I decided that was it and I'm sticking to it.

I did really well at the begining of the diet, and I was dissapointed in myself for not sticking to it.
ps... lol

I also told myself it was a fresh new start. I made a trip to the pharmasist, explained that I had been very naughty. And got weighed, so that way I knew exactly how much I had lost from being 100%.
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Aww dont beat yuorself up for it i did at the beggining of the diet i cheated for the first 3 days i ate meals in the evening,people told me it was going to be hard but i didnt relise how hard it was until i was actually on it, trust me your not the only one i reckon theres so people thats on lipotrim that cheated and still does but is ashamed to admit it i dnt blame them because there afraid they might get lectures for it, the truth is now and again i pick but i still lose weight avareage 6Ibs a week. but at the begining i was obssesive and stress out when i picked at my food and had to there and then go on my cross trainer for half an hour and worry im going to be out of ketosis im more calmer now cuz i iknow im still loosing weight, but its not to say its right what i do only human. just to let you know your not the only person in the boat and please dont stress so much bout it just pick yourself up and start clean remember were only human and our body is defending itself by screaming out to you FOOD!!!

irish molly

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just keep focussing on why you started this diet. Don't go looking for excuses to break out for a few days,. MAke your best effort to stick with it 100% and you will be so pleased.
Hi Sarah, I know what its like to go off a diet and then lose the way completely. Um only advice I have is to get back on it 100% expect 2-3 days of hunger until the ketosis kicks in and post lots. We will help you if you want, you can post a few times a day to check in lol until you get into it. xxx


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BTDT Princess. I'd say everyone here has. Don't beat yourself up about it, and don't for heaven's sake use this teeny blip as an excuse to throw away all your good work so far. :sigh:

Tomorrow is another day (sorry to go all Scarlett on you), start with a clean slate and back on those lovely shakes girl! :D
S: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb
Thank you so much guys! You're all so lovley. I had a long hard look at my self last night and I feel like I am ready to get back on the horse. I watched Biggest Loser USA last night and that really motivated me (I love that show!). Although I had a terrible week, I've still done well and I really don't want to throw that away all that hard work. I get weighed on Thursday so I will let you know the damage. Thanks again xxxxx
ive been on/off diets all my life, as im sure many of us with weight problems have... dont bash yourself, i aint sayin its gonna be easy, but you gotta find the sheer determination and will power from somewhere... dig deep.... x


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Before i started tfr lipo i found myself on here quite alot reading up on peoples experiences.
Then came the day (last tues) i found myself constantly on here and truth is i don't think ive closed my browser window, because every time i think of munching on garlic, carrots n toast with my PG i run to here to help keep me in check!

So am pleased that i have not given into temptation and hope that you don't too from now on :goodluck:

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