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It's friday***lets do it hour by hour***

Is my first weigh in tonight, not a full week as started on Monday but am hoping it's a good one!

Started on my water - can I just checkl what is the minimum we should be drinking? I probably do around 2-3 litres I know LL it was 4 litres wae had to drink - I'm on the 810 but have 2 tetras a day.

Thanks, just had my first 500ml, Used to bring a 2 litre bottle in and fill it twice but it seemes so daunting so got 2 500ml bottles and they seems easier to manage. My main problem is I only tend to drink during the day at work not at home, so the weekends are going to be tough.

Im anywhere between 3-5ltrs, depends if my stomach starts to rumble - then i glug it down till i cant take no more!

Having a yummy toffee bar at the mo, god there lush! DS is back at school as he was a lot better this morning and packed his inhaler to go with him. So peace and quiet till 11 when i go and fetch him!

Thats what a pint an hour?

I know this wil sound a bit daft but i feel guilty if i dont get a load down in the morning, i think asomehow it will affect my loss somehow - i know thats completely irrational!

Wil defintely do a pint an hour - great idea x


please try again
mornin all
well weigh in last night lost 2lb, not enough, really need to get back on the straight and narrow.

at my bf house at the mo while hes at his mates to let the plumer in there.

had a glass of water so far and will have porridge soon
Morning all.

Ive got my 4th pint (water) infront of me and just had half a choc tetra made up with hot water, yummy.

Will have half a soup for lunch I think.

My little boy is full of cold today, bless him.

Hope you are all having a good day.xx
Morning all - Saraian glad your little boy is a lot better today! I'm doing badly on the water front had an orange bar so far and some tea/coffee must get that water filled up now... in fact, off too the water cooler....
Ive just got from picking little un up from school and going to go grab a pint now so that will 3rd of the day and will do nice until lunch.

Deciding what to have for tea tonight as I am going to the dogs, might take a tetra - or could do porridge and choc before i go out, desisions, decisions!
I've had a bar for breaksfast, chocolate flavoured porridge for lunch and less than a litre of water today. Have been doing the garden (fencing) but the rain got too heavy.
did half day at work, been listening to music and surfing the web. If I knew how to turn the playstation I would have a go. Also been trying to get a wii fit but they are like gold dust.

have had half pack of toffee and walnut, got home and had a bar as slowly as I could (ie eaten almost in one!) I havent had as much water as usual, am sipping a chocolate tetra, but will get my butt out the chair in a minute and make my usual pot of green tea, I like it not to hot and quite weak, but can drink it by the pint and it's supposed to help burn fat. Hope you guys are all good, should be a sunny weekend...whoopee!

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