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ITS FRIDAY***** Lets do it,HOUR byHOUR


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Morning Gem, just beat me to it!!! Have a great day today and stick with that SS'ing. I lost 3lb last night to make it 2 stone in 8 weeks - hurray!!! Changed my goal now so 2 stone to go. Good luck with all the WI today, and have a great day everyone. My PC at work seems to be working again (good times), even though IT haven't been to see it. I logged the problem with them more than a week ago, but no-one has been to see it. But on it I can't get the smileys to work (bad times).


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Morning Emm, is it still going OK??


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Its Friday, I feel like I have been at work 100 hours this week so REALLY looking forward to weekend and a lie in tomorrow.
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thats soo good,i would suggest not keep weight in at home as i done it and wished i hadnt as my cdc scales changed each week to mine!


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Good morning Everyone....Here's to another successful day dieting..

I am still doing Ok, I dont beleive how I have finally managed to stop faffing about and get on with it. My voice is gradually coming back had gone from a squeak to a croak :eek: hopefully will be back in a day or two. Then will have some serious catching up to do chatter chatter chatter :D

1GT and 1 litre water down and off to get another.

Well done on the weight losses and good luck with any weigh ins today.

Catch you later


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Glad your voice is coming back Maggie, you might lose it again if you chatter too much though!! Have a great day, glad you are still sticking to it.
Good Morning girls,

Well done bobbin with the 2lb loss xx

Maggie glad your voice is slowly coming back xx

Good luck to all with weigh-ins, look forward to hearing the results

I am off to a good start this morning, am already 2 GT's down & half way through 1st ltr water, yay,
I am not getting weighed today as my cdc is on holiday



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Glad you're feeling better Maggie.

I'm off sick today. Had the trots last night, and feeling VERY sick today. Can't be anything I've eaten though can it! LOL!

Get weighed tonight, so lets hope those puppies move then. Then haven't moved very much at all over 2 weeks.........:(
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Morning gang.

Well my scales haven't moved since Monday :cry: It's AAMW so I'm blaming that. I f I don't lose this week I'm not doing AAMW next time.

Have a good day everyone and good luck to all you newbies.
Morning all :) just been for a little eyebrow waxing treat this morning and have booked myself in for a facial for in a fortnight's time for a little celebration - I'm thinking by then I will have hit the two stone off mark :D

T4M - sending lots of movement :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: for your scales, hang in there chick :hug99:
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Morning all. I started last monday but have had alot going on with my grandma in hospital and with all the worrying i desided to stop and start again on monday so i can get myself in the right frame on mind. Hope everyone is going alright.
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Morning everyone

Well done Bobbin on your weight loss
Maggie-Glad your voice is coming back and are you going to London meet next weekend?
Clare sorry to hear your scales are still not moving,perhaps you need to go up to 790 give your system a jolt.You can't be far off working up the plans?

Had my weigh in and again my CDCs magic scales came up trumps>Lost another 4lbs.
We did my measurements again and in 9 weeks I've lost 5 inches off the girls,7 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my hips!So thats a good confidence boost.
AAmw next week and A two week wait for weigh in as I'm busy next week

Hope everyone has a fab day
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morning everyone. Im going to my mums now to give her mothers day card and present, so i don't have to go sunday, as i would be tempted to have a roast there, i don't want to get out of the frame of mind im in at the moment. this is day 12 of ss, so i feel in control and happy. x

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