Its gona be over tonight


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My bf just txt, 'we need to talk about us i think'. Iain doesnt talk. He's going to finish it. Great. Gona be a lonely christmas for me.

Dont know what to do. Its gona bring on depression i know. scares. worried ill fall so deep and do something stupid.
Oh sorry to hear youre feeling so down and fearful..dont worry too unnecessarily until youve had chance to talk..and do let him talk hun! maybe its something and nothing, maybe its something you can talk through and sort out...DONT allow it to allow you to fall off ( thinks i should atke some of that advice) and i know easier said than done but staying on track can only make you stronger nad once youve fallen its harder to get up....

:eek: thinking of you....wishin you well....:eek:

dont forget minis is so supportive in all situations so letting off steam on here will always be met with support and a pick me up!

Thanks OJ.

I know it doesnt mean he actually wants to talk. He's not like that. It means he's going to finish it. Sh*t scared. He's not perfect by any means, and I had been thinking about finishing it myself to be honest. But I had decided to work at it as I do love him and dont want to be without him. And if we finished i wanted it to be on my terms not his.

Im not in a particularly good place right now anyway. Iv put on most of the weight iv lost, dont have many friends, and miss my family terribly. I had begun to make small changes to improve things but if this happens its going to change everything and I dont know if ill be able to hold on

How have you been getting on in general hun, are you sure that this will be a negative conversation?

Thinking about you

Kitty xx
Hi Kitty,

Thank you. We havnt been getting on too well so I know this is going to be a negative conversation. He would hold it in if he wasnt happy until he definatly wanted to finish it then he'd say something, as he has done now. I leave work at 7, then takes about an hour to get to his, and the waiting is killing me. I want to be able to persuade him but I dont think i can. Or even if i should.

Perfect timing right
Hey Becky, dont stress too much until you have spoken to him hun...I know he means a lot to you, but I believe that if he finishes with you it wasnt meant to be, did say you were considering finishing it yourself, but I know wat you mean about wanting to do it on your terms, not his

I hope everything goes ok tonight, and remember to just log on here instead of doing anything you, I dont have many friends where I am and miss my family loads, so i understand that you will feel lost without him, but you can get thru it....we will all help you!!!
Dont worry about it wait until you have had your chat and see where you can possibly go from there. Let him have his say and then you ask him to listen to you too. Hopefully you will be able to sort it out.

Good luck Hun

Hi Becky. I'm really feeling for you here. I just want you to know, that whatever happens, you WILL be OK. You will. You will take whatever situation comes up, and you will deal with it.

Thinking of you.
Thank you Karen, Sonkie and Dom.

I really want to believe what you say, especially Dom. But will I be ok? I dont think so. I have no idea what will happen to me.

I want to be all Bridget Jones about it, and if he does finich it, focus on me, lose my weight, sort myself out. Thats what I need, with or without him to be honest. But thats so hard. I know I will wallow and get fatter and more depressed and then there will be no way back. Ill get so lost
Becky you will have to come on her and post to try and take your mind off it, we all feel for you as no one wants to go through losing weight with added pressure from other sources, we are all here for you if you want to chat.

Thank you Sonkie. I will try to come on here and post. But if I dont tomorrow, iv taken the day off work (dont have access at him) and am wallowing

In fact the wallowing has started already. Been given a bottle of wine at work today and its in front of me. Struggling to not down the bugger now
we all care here step nearer to mr right if it doesn't work out .......cyber shout and throw things at us ....but don't eat xxxx susan

Please dont get too upset. Do as the others say and come on here for support.

You say you have been thinking of finishing it so if it happens it cant be a bad thing. You say you have put most of your weight back on, so surely something about the relationship is wrong for that to happen.

I know because I consider my relationship with my husband to be toxic which is why I have put weight on. I am sure that if everything was sorted out properly between you you would have the strength to lose the weight again.

I hope things work out well for you and look for to giving you support if you need it.

Hugs Pam