Its gonna take a lot of willpower but im ready!!


This year is my year....
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Hi all!
Would like to join you all:)
Successfully did LT diet 2yrs ago and lost 2st in 6wks..Unfortunately, that was soooo not sustainable for me and the weight crept back. Have just had my 3rd (and final!!) baby 9wks ago and am ready to shift the weight that ive invited over the last few years!!:eek:

Have read the Atkins book cover to cover and think ive done my food shopping correctly for induction so im taking the final step and joining you all on here for support:)!!
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Speak soon!!!
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Hi Siobhan - welcome, and good luck with the new baby :)

Just have a good read of the stickies at the top - some great recipes and tips, and lots of advice from Jim, who has been maintaining on Atkins for years, having successfully lost a huge amount of weight.

And there are lots of threads - although they can move pretty fast, we don't just talk about food here :)

Might be worth starting your own thread so you can do a food diary (which we can keep an eye on)?



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welcome in! stick around here and enjoy the support, ask away anything your not sure of, and look forward to success!


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Hiya Siobhan, always lovely to see another Irishwoman here - good luck with Atkins. :)

Full of admiration that you're taking yourself in hand only 9 weeks after a new baby - I was still living in my jammies in carb city at that stage! :D


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Welcome and look forward to talking more :D


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Hi Siobhan and welcome, we have a few Irish on these threads so you'll have local company. :)


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Hi & welcome to the wonderful world of Atkins. x