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its just so hard

thanks for that, its just the extras that your allowed, it maybe better once I get the books and can really understand all what the letters stand for, how do I access an online diary
thanks a lot for your help


Wishing and hoping!
just take it day by day, it will get easier it is part of the journey - which means a high percentage of it is learning. I do SW by myself too so your not alone and there is loads of support here and via other forums on the net. Remember baby steps all the way and have the faith in SW :)
aww hun its ok. class is great but not everyone can attend and even some that do don't get a great cons so learn nothing from them.
this board is better than a class hun cause we are there for you every day not just a week. If you have a question or a problem just ask hun its what we are here for.
feel free to email me if you want to.
you can do it hun. It does alittle getting used to but when you do you will love it and almost do it with your eyes closed.
only letters you really need to know at the moment are heb which is healthy extra b choice (your bread etc) and hea which is healthy extra a choice (milk and cheese) ee stands for extra easy.


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((((HUGS)))) I know I've found it very hard in the past to go it alone, but this site is so good for inspiration, help and support. Stick with it, it really will be worth it in the long run.

Someone above suggested doing a diary on here. I've started one & it really does help. I write down all what I've done, what I've eaten, any exercise I've done. It does spur you on.

I hope your books come soon.
just want to say a big thankyou to all those that helped me through a panicking tuesday, I feel more positive today, and its thanks to you guys, I feel I now have some tools to work with
again thanks guys :p


Slowly Getting There ....
*big hugs*

The people on here seem really happy to help about anything and there's always someone about so if you need a whinge I'm sure that's ok :)

I'm On My Own too and don't go to classes but my husband decided to go on the plan with me too lol... if he loses loads of weight this week (my first week) going to be very mad at him! lol

*more hugs*

Feel free to PM me anytime... sometimes I can't be online for longer than a wee while but I'll pop on to answer any messages

I don't know anything though so don't ask me difficult questions :) I found out yesterday my 'healthy' 3 bean soup from co-op has 12 syns and I'm still reeling! hehe

*last hugs*


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