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It's just too tough second time round...


LighterLife Returner

Oh well...

I've been on it for 4 weeks now, lost just under a stone, due to nibbling and lapsing...

I'm finding it so hard this time round.

I'm gonna switch to LL Lite from this week, because if I'm going to eat, i will enjoy it (and not be a rebelious child) and therefore feel much less guilty... it's making me feel quite sad actually...

anyway, i hope I can't get back on the wagon this week... I'm hating it this time...
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Hi Mini me,

A stone in a month is still a brilliant loss but I get what you are saying ... I've been lapsing over the past week or so & know it is not the way to get the most out of LL.

Good luck with LLL ... hope it works out for you



is loving CWP xx
Hi MM, I know exactly what you mean. Although I am still on my first time round, I refuse to quit.

I think you really have to take it one food pack at a time. I am fighting my rebellious child all the time and at the moment it is always winning!!! It's such a vicious circle. You feel good so you think I deserve to eat something, you eat something then feel crap and then you keep eating cos you've already eaten once. Then you gain weight and vow to get back on it. You get back on it for a few days start to feel good again and then the whole cycle starts again!!! That's my problem anyway.

Personally, I need to think of another way of rewarding myself with something other than food. Maybe you need to look at the situations around you when you eat. What things lead up to it and what you can do differently next time.

I personally think I need someone with me all the time as I only tend to lapse when I am on my own.

I thought about moving onto Lite but then I thought if I did that it was like running away from the problem. I thought that if I actually sorted the problem out and stuck with abstinence I would definitely lose the weight a lot quicker and get to where I want to be.

With all the tools learnt in foundation, you would think that we would be able to do this but sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds.

I hope this has helped in some way.

Keep us informed as to what you decide x x
It's such a vicious circle. You feel good so you think I deserve to eat something, you eat something then feel crap and then you keep eating cos you've already eaten once.
Hey BEcks, Hi Mini Me...

Sorry to hear you are both struggling. :(

Becks, a little somethign to think about, when you think about rewarding goodbehaviour with food - is something my LLC taught us and it reallllly stuck with me.

Food is not a reward firstly. But I know you know that. But think about any other type of addiction....

Heroin. SOmeone has been a junkie, and it has been destorying them. They finally get a handle on it, and stop doing H. Would you tell them, "Go on, you have done so well, you have been clean for x number of months - you deserve a reward - go on, give yourselve a little jab!" ?

Or, an Alcoholic - "Well done! SOber for 6 weeks! Fantastic!! Have a drink!"

Gambling. "Great - you have gotten a grip, and you didn;t lose the house! Well done. Here's 50 quid, why dont you go out an hit the tables to celebrate!!"

SOunds crazy doesn;t it? Well, its the very same thing with food. ;)

That really struck a chord with me, and maybe next time you feel like you described above you may look at it differently?

I hope that helps you guys as mcuh as it helped me to realise my rewarding myself with food was in reality punishing myself. :)

Good luck to you both!!!



Is back in the saddle!
Hey Mini Me, well done for trying again. You do have to be stronger on the LLL I think and be ready to have slower losses. It is nice to have a meal to look forward to though.

Wow, those are all really great points BL. That really means something. I must admit though that the first thing that came into my head was that all those things are un nesessary for survival and food is. There is still a little devil there that needs stomping!!

One thing I did learn from the second time (which I did find easy actually because I knew what was happening etc) is the enjoying of food. I seemed to have missed that part in not doing RTM the first time around. I've just finished a stint on LLL again and had to re remember to savour every mouthful and not just shovel it in. I guess almost treating food like an addiction and having to enjoy what we can get when we can get it is a possibility that I will take with me on holiday next week.


LighterLife Returner
Hi All,

Thanks for your responses.
I'm not giving up yet, though I am definately surprised how hard it is for me now...

LLL isn't too bad, i'm on 'day 2' of that, let's see how it goes...
Hi MiniMe
I've been on LLL for 7 weeks, no cheating, and have lost just under a stone. I'm keeping at it, it is expensive - very!. I can't understand how the limited calories isn't providing more of a loss. I feel a bit fed up of it to be honest. I'm paying out £50 a week for a poor weight loss. Hope you're having better luck
Hi everyone. I'm at the end of my first week back on lighter life and I'm really struggling. I feel like food's the only thing I used to look forward to and every day just feels impossible. I have tried putting up pictures of clothes I'd be able to wear if I was skinny and telling myself I'm doing well but I don't feel proud of myself - I just feel like I'm being deprived, like someone's doing something really horrible to me. I know that when you've been eating for emotional reasons and then you stop eating all those feelings come up even more strongly but I'm not sure I can handle it. I don't feel like I'll ever feel ok while I'm on this diet, but I know I'll never be happy if I stay this heavy. How have you guys found it? Any words of wisdom?! Thank you...


Is back in the saddle!
I did this first in 2007 for my wedding, had lots of fun and put 3 stone back on again.

I started again this January but knew I had holidays etc coming up so I paced it for those.

I have not been hung up about it and I have not obsessed over it. I made it to where I was, RTMed and maintained. When I was ready I did a little more, LLL this time. I did have the 'am I doing myself any good stopping and starting such an extreme diet' conversation with myself and on here but, in the end, the convenience of the whole thing won.

I'm off on holiday agin next week, when I get back I will have another slot where I can fit in a few weeks and do RTM and maintain before Christmas. Come January I will probably go for another push down. But that's it, I will still be going down.

I have not cheated, I stopped.

I have not wasted money, I ate sensibly or did packs.

I did RTM, something I didn't do in 2007 and regret, and I have given my body time to settle at it's new weight.

What I didn't do was psycologically beat myself up about it and kid myself I was on a diet whilst cheating.

Some out there may look at this as crooked thinking but I'm happy and this is my diet and way of doing it. I guess, yes, I could be a lot lighter by now if I'd stuck and not stopped for holidays etc but this is the way I'm happy and I know the diet works when I need it. :)
well done - you've thought it all through, and you're content with yourself. this is important. I'm struggling on LLL, with a slow, sometimes very slow, weight loss without cheating. i feel that it is a lot of money for a pound or less a week. still, i'm keeping at it.

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