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Its Me.....Again!!!

So Here I am with my tail between my legs!
Will you have me back?

It all fell to pieces when i had Oral surgery a year ago and totally lost my SW Mojo!!

Its almost back but i need to get cracking so here goes.....
I prefer to do either red or green rather than extra easy as thats easier for me when im working.

Monday 7th Nov (RED)


28g porridge (HEB) with skimmed milk ( from HEA) and sweetner
coffee with skimmed milk and sweetner

Snack: 2 x alpen light (HEB) and banana


Lean bacon and scrambled eggs with chopped toms


NAS jelly pot ( .5syns) and an apple


Tuna, broccoli and chopped tomatoes

curly wurly (6 syns)

Cannot wait for my shopping to come tomorrow with my yoghurts...
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Tues 8th Nov (Green Day)

B- Porridge (HEB) and 180ml skimmed milk from HEA

snack- mug shot
2 x alpen lights


L- pasta/passata and 21g reduced fat cheese ( 1/2 HEA)

D- baked spud and baked beans

Looking forward to my curly wurly later with my decaf coffee before bed :) (6 syns)

10 mikado ( 5syns)
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Welcome back Kimi:welcome2:
Looks like you have found your SW Mojo:)
Thanks guys :)

Im finding it ok, i know what im doing and i have a couple of occasions ( weddings) next year that i need to slim down for!!!

Will be scouring my old diaries for ideas over the weekend
I find i lose more on Red, green is easier when im in work and EE is saved for a sunday if we are having a (SW) roast!!


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You have plenty of motivations to lose the weight and look your best for the weddings next year.

It is half the battle knowing what works for you. I am sure you will do great:)
Weds 9th Nov (green)

B- 2 egg omelette with 21g reduced fat cheese ( 1/2 HEA)

snack- 2 x alpen lights (HEB)

L- Savoury Rice
( not feeling to good today, banging headache and a bit icky which is helping me avoid the mountain of biscuits and cakes my team in work have today!)

Snack- banana
NAS jelly pot (.5syns)

D- Sweet potato/butternut squash and pepper soup
small wholemeal roll (HEB)

fat free activia

Freddo ( 5syns?)
10 mikado ( 5 syns)

HEA in milk for coffee, just going to have a milky decaff
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Thursday 10th Nov ( green)

Felt really bad today with pain ( ongoing health issues) and ended up at the GP first thing so really havent eaten much today.

B- porridge (HEB) and milk from HEA


FF Activia

D- soup as yesterday plus 2 x wholemeal bread (HEB)

Had a bite of daughters lasagne she made in Food tech today (yummy) as she was a bit put out i couldnt have any so allowing about 4 syns for that since i probably wont be having much after my soup

Good thing i dont have to syn painkillers :-(


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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Kim, hope you are feeling better soon:hug99:

When you don't feel like eating try and keep your fluids up.

Friday 11th Nov ( green)

B- 2 x weetabix (HEB) and milk from 250ml skimmed ( HEA)

snack- 2 x alpen lights (HEB)
FF activia

L- mug shot

Snack- Banana
SF jelly pot (.5syns)

D- boiled rice and spoon of chippy gravy ( not sure on syns)

Still feeling icky :(
Saturday 12th Nox ( red)

Well the aim today was to have a red day but i'm still feeling awful :(


B- porrdige (HEB) and milk from HEA

snack- FF activia
2x alpen lights (HEB)

1/2 Banana ( shared with my son)

Packet of sliced chicken

Really fancy egg and bacon but my stomach is saying no....
Sunday 13th November (red)

brunch- 2x wholemeal toast (HEB) 2 x 'fried' eggs, and lean bacon

Dinner_ lovely SW roast that was cooked by my neighbour...That i could onlt eat the chicken and cauliflower off :-(
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Monday 14th November (green)

Seriously feeling truly awful STILL

Just going to try a bowl of Porridge (HEB) for my brekkie with HEA milk

Have a headache to top it all off this morning, probably cos i havent been eating regularly
Will be going to the GP again tomorrow, I simply cannot wait until March to see a specialist...

Whats annoying me is i know i will not have lost this week as i havent eaten enough :-(

FF activia


Chocolate biscuit( about 6.7 syns)

Veg soup ( potato/carrot/suede/onion and parsley)
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Tuesday 15th Nov ( green)

B- Porridge (HEB) and milk (HEA)

snack- 2 x alpen lights (HEB) and ff activia

L- savoury rice

Choc biscuit- not sure on synnage...

Did hop on the scales this morning, and it looks like ive lost about 3lb, but probably mainly to me being ill...
onwards and upwards

D- plain pasta and 21g half fat cheese ( 1/2 HEA)
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Weds 16th Nov ( green)

B- porridge (HEB) and milk (HEA)

snack- activia
alpen light (3 syns)

L- plain pasta and 21g rf cheese (1/22 HEA)

snack- alpen light 1/2 HEB

D- plain pasta and 21g rf cheese (1/2 hea)

Snack- cadburys fudge ( 6 syns)
Alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)
Thurs 17th Nov (green)

B- 2 x weetabix (HEB)with skimmed (1/2 HEA)

Snack- 2 x alpen light

L- plain pasta with 21g rf cheese ( 1/2 HEA)
snack- banana

D- sw chips, fried egg and mushies (Yum yum, my favourite tea)

3 finger kitkat
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Sunday 20th Nov( sort of a green day)

Still feeling quite yucky :-( and having no SW friendly food in the house i have had a sort of a day off, but not one where i totally blew it iyswim? I didnt go out and buy a huge galaxy

B- two pieces of toast with low fat spread. They were white bread but thats all i had (no milk for porridge etc)

Dinner- Beef stew, however, i had approx 4/5 pieces of beef the size of a 10p piece so i not much really and not sure if it could be HEB?

Just had some pineapple and wont be eating anything else
Oh had a alpen light earlier (1/2 HEB)

Back on 100% tomorrow after food shopping....
Mon 21st Nov ( green)

B- porrdige (HEB) and Skimmed milk (HEA)

snack- alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)

L- savoury rice

snack- alpen light (HEB)

D- omelette with 21g RF cheese (1/2 HEA)

jelly pot ( .5syns) and Melon

8 jelly babies ( syns??)
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