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It's not looking good...

ok so I know I shouldn't - but I stood on my scales at home about half hour ago to try and see how I was doing for my first week...and I'm quite disappointed to say that it's only showing 2lbs down - now admittedly I don't w.i. til Monday night, but I can't see it changing much between now and then, and I have 100% stuck to the diet, had my 3 packs a day, had 2.5 litres of water - 3 today, and I will be gutted if it's just 2lbs, I know it's better off than on, but 2lbs a week I could have done with weightwaters, and eaten with it, I really thought my first week would be more :( and I know I'll need that motivation of at least 3lbs a week to keep me going.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm whining for no reason, but just feel pretty down right now...not going to cheat as I'm not giving in, so have my soup and water sat next to me, and have done 35 mins of wii fit tonight too.
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Hey hun, try not to worry, you will always weigh heavier at the end of the day due to the fact that you have drunk 3 litres of water plus your packs.

But my W.I. as at half 8 (pm) on Monday...so that's how much I'll weigh then too x


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I'm no specialist as you can see I am new as well but quick question, have you done the wii fit all along? That would explain the slow weight loss.... exercise will affect ketones and you will not benefit from ketosis properly. I wish I had the links on this computer, my mister and I are both on this and have researched exercise and CD extensively and all we got suggested that for ketosis to have its desired effect (and even for it to establish itself at all), during the first weeks of sole source it's not a good idea at all.

Again, take it with a grain of salt as I am no specialist and hopefully some CDCs can straighten me if I am wrong but we have personally given up the Wii Fit till we get to Stage 2.
Could my Anti-biotics be the cause?
I had no idea about that with the Wii fit...omg I am shocked - we only bought it today! xx


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Ah well if you only did it today it's unlikely it's because of that and what the ladies said above is more plausible - e.g. the hour of the day and the liquids- and I don't mean the wii fit in particular but exercising during the first part of the diet in general.

I know it sounds eerie and I will try and dig out the links we had but meanwhile please don't feel down, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised on Monday!
Also have wii

and Wii fit, I use mine for about 40 mins every other day and my weight loss has been fine and I am toning up.

I can weight 6lb heavier at the end of the day to the beginning! I was horrified till I realised that it had gone again by the next morning!

My CDC told me it was okay to exercise/use a Wii when I was past the first couple of weeks.
Especially as the Wii is not too energetic!
Ok so being 1 week in does that mean I should hold off using the Wii for now then? I haven't managed to unlock the strenuous bits yet as we only got it today. I wish I weighed in, in the morning as I'm going to be so much heavier by Monday night :( x
im on day 4 and i have been using my wii. I just do the yoga and im fine. My CDC said to just listen to my body and if i feel tired or faint, to stop so thats what i do. i find the yoga really calming, it helps.
Any ideas on what to do about Monday, do I just have one pack and a small amount of water to try and stay lower for the evening?x
It will be okay

I wouldn't panic too much.

I get weighed anywhere between 6.30 - 8pm.
I drink more of my water earlier, so hopefully it has gone by nightime!

Yes it makes a slight difference, but not a lot...its all relative if you get weighed at the same time each week, it balances itself out.

Try not to worry...:D:D It will be all be fine on Monday!

I don't think the Wii is energetic enough to affect things personally...there are others on here that have done aerobics several times a week and had good losses.

A few weeks in, once the inches are going it will all be worth it!
WI day

I drink more earlier, but have two of my packs, again earlier than normal.

Then have the last 1/2 ltr of water and pack when I get home again.

It proably only makes a 1lb difference, but I have done the same every week.

To see whether there is a difference with the exercise, you could always get some Ketostix?
Ok I may do that then and see what it comes up with - when I saw her on Monday I had eaten 2 packs but only 1 litre of water, so I'll do the same - and maybe do the wii fit when I get back, that will get the other litre 1/2 down me easily...thanks for your help - I think I have in my head that is has been physically impossible for me to lose weight before, so I am just waiting for this to fail too. x
I have some ketostix - do I just test before/after exercising? or just keep doing it over a couple of days. Sounds so strange that exercise could be a bad thing. x
To see whether there is a difference with the exercise, you could always get some Ketostix?
That's just what I thought of. I'll order some online tonight.

I've kept doing the breathing and some yoga but not my 40 mins of stepping or my 12 minutes of spinning :)


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Ok so being 1 week in does that mean I should hold off using the Wii for now then? I haven't managed to unlock the strenuous bits yet as we only got it today. I wish I weighed in, in the morning as I'm going to be so much heavier by Monday night :( x

But if you weigh-in the same time every week you will seen your true losses over time.

Funny thing about the first weigh-in is that a small loss the first week does not mean that is the way it will be every week as I have see loads on here who lost four to five pounds the first week and then go onto regular good losses their after...

What you lose the first week is greatly depended on how much was in your glycogen stores to begin with.

Some people before starting have a week or more saying good bye to all their favourite foods and sweeties...and this then over loads the glycogen stores.

So they may have a weight loss showing on the scales of between 9 to 14 pounds but most of that would be water.

Glycogen is stored with about 4 parts of water for each part of glycogen. This means that a pound of Glycogen may hold and additional 4 pounds of water.

You have to give a diet like this at least four weeks and then make up your mind if you would think you would do just as well with healthy eating and exercise.

Love Mini xxx
Don't get me wrong, I'm sticking with this, and won't even consider not continuing, I just could do with the results to show the amount of effort I have put in, in sticking to it 100% I would be more than happy with 4 lbs - but 2lbs just seems very low for the amount I haven't eaten, and the amount of water I have drunk. xx


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You have two whole days left and in the first week you could still have another couple of pounds off by Monday night.

Have you done your body measurements before starting?

If so measure yourself again in the morning and compare and I am sure you will be down in some areas of your body.

I measure everything...neck, down to ankles, upper arms and even my wrists:p

Weighing at home is not a good idea really when you are letting the scales dictate to you like they are doing now and I personally would think you would be better off just leaving it to weigh-in once again.

Because you have been 100% all week and this alone is a wonderful achievement and it is now getting lost because of how the scales have made you feel which I feel is very sad as so many have started this week and have not got passed day 1 and would envy you to be in your position right now.

So instead of letting the scales bring you down...give yourself a pat on the back for doing so very well.

Because seriously you have!

Love Mini xxx

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