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It's not working .. please help

Hi Ladies

I joined SW on 7/10/2010 and this is my experience so far

Week 1 -5.5lbs
Week 2 +3 lbs
Week 3 -3 lbs
Week 4 -1 lb

and while I know you shouldn't weight yourself .... according to my scales I have lost nothing this week either.

Im vegetarian so I naturally eat masses of veg anyway but have been trying to eat some chicken or turkey because am worried about protien intake.

This is what I ate for the past 2 days which are quite typical .... is it just because my portion sizes are too big?

B mushrooms, tomato, egg, fry light .. cup of tea with sweetener

L mushroom, tomato, peppers, potato, turkey steak, vegetable stock .. 2 coffee with 1 sugar each

D chinese noodles, spinach, green salad, chicken breast .. 2 tea 1 sugar each

1 tsp nutella

I calculate 4 sugars at 1 syn each and 3 syns for the nutella ... total 7 sysns

B Hifi bar and banana .. tea with 1 sugar

L potato, carrot, swede, leek, onion, veg stock, spices .. 2 coffee 1 sugar each

S hifi bar, tea 1 sugar, 1 tsp nutella

D stir fry veg, chinese noodles, chicken breast pieces, 1 tbsp chow mein sauce (0.5 sysns)

I calculate 11 syns

Sorry that is so long but am at the point of giving up because I'm a failure ... what am I doing wrong??????
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Plodding on.......
Hi Sally,

According to what you have posted, you are 6.5lbs down in 4 weeks. Well done. That's a great start. In what way is that not working ?? Recommended weight loss is 1-2lbs per week. By my calculations, you are doing just that. You cannot weigh yourself in the middle of the week and decide that it's not working. Sometimes I have lost at the beginning of the week, other times only towards the end of the week. Sometimes not. That's the way things are. But the trend is right. This is not a race. As someone in another posting wrote, it didn't take a few weeks to put the weight on, it won't come off in a few weeks. Stick at it and it will work.

Good luck. And let us know how it goes.

Gail x
Sally, you need to put down that stick, you are NOT a failure, you have successfully managed to lose almost 1/2 stone in just a few short weeks :)

I'm not an expert at looking at diet plans, but I cant see where the Healthy A is in your plan, because unless you have your tea really milky I dont see it making up the full quantity. Also, if you are following extra easy it is only 1 healthy B per day - additional ones count as syns

Dont give up, you can do this :D
I agree, that isn't a failure, that is totally on plan. If you lose too much too quickly it's not maintainable. Seems you're doing just fine to me.
Thank you ladies ... is it normal then to go up and down like a yoyo?

Why I think it's failure is because I lost the first 5.5 lbs in the first week .. since then I've lost 1lb in 3 weeks and that isn't very good, in fact it's really rather rubbish for the effort I'm putting in. The first week just seems to be a fluke!

I do drink a lot of tea and coffee during the day but if I have sweetener I don't always write it down. I will measure my milk from tomorrow and report back on that one.
Most people have a massive loss in the first week, then the losses slow down after that.

I would have loved losses like that when I first started - I can understand that the gain must have been really disheartening, but it came straight off again. The thing is, SW is a 'diet' for life, and even though it's difficult you need to try and see them in the grand scheme of things!

It took me about 20 weeks to lose my first half stone, so you're doing really well :)
I suspect the increase in week 2 was * week. Ladies often put on that week. Anyway our weight goes up and down like a yoyo throughout the day, not just through the week!

You're doing really well, feel good about your losses so far and carry on doing what you're doing.



Always comes back to MMs!
Thats a great start! I often yoyo throughout the month, but average 3-4lbs, so you're doing great, try not to be hard on yourself xxx
Oh Sally!

Don't be so hard on yourself! You are ding fantastic!

You've lost half a stone :D - that is brilliant.

Just stick with it and try and find some exciting recipes so you don't feel like you are forcing yourself to eat Chicken and Turkey! There's plenty of Veggie friendly recipes around!

Good Luck for this week! xx
Yep you need to make sure you have just 1 hexa&b if doing EE but make sure you measure out your milk, you could be having more milk than you think which in turn will lead to more syns that you've calculated.

Why are you eating meat if you're vegetarian. I mostly have green days & there are many vegetarian's on here who have lost weight. You don't need to eat meat to lose weight.

Do what is best for you, but just count all those syns & measure hexa's & b's.

Good luck & honestly 6.5lbs is not bad. It took me 13mths to lose 16lb:D


Just doing it this time
my cousin has been a very very slow loser - doing everything that I was doing but she lost a half a pound and a pound and pound and 1and half pounds - I lost 5.5 in first week and 3 2nd week etc - but you know she has whittled away at it and is now chasing my tail as I have slowed down so much.

Look at your weight loss over 6 months - I know it needs patience - but you will find that everyone - no matter how easily they lose weight or whether they take the more scenic route - it all averages out over that 6 months at about 2lb's or so a week.

Good luck - stick at it - you are eating more healthily anyway - just enjoy the journey don't let the weight loss - put you down. AND besides you really are doing well.

Best Wishes
Im vegetarian so I naturally eat masses of veg anyway but have been trying to eat some chicken or turkey because am worried about protien intake.
Hi Sally

Depending on how long you were vegetarian, your body may be finding it difficult to digest the meat you are suddenly putting into it. No Idea, but this change may be slowing your loss.

Quorn is very high in protein, eggs are free and nuts are a healthy B option. You shouldn't have to turn omni on SW as it is a healthy eating plan with or without meat. Good luck.
The thing about weight loss is we all want it to come of immediately and have instant results (I know I do :eek: ) but it didn't all go on at once. I know I've been working on my weight gain for about 10 years :p Don't be down hearted that it's 'not working', it is working. You just have to start looking at the big picture, rather than the 'small picture' of the weekly losses. If you continue to loose 6Ib a month, in 6 months that will be 2.5st, which will be more than half way to your target :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you .... and I mean that sincerely.

Other members of my group are losing 3 to 4lbs a week (our group only started a month ago) and I was worried because I wasn't following suit.

My group consultant said not to look at green and red days and just do EE ... maybe as a veggie I need to look at green days.

My weight actually came on very quickly ... I was a size 14 this time last year and got up to a size 20 in 10 months when I stopped smoking EEK :wave_cry: so I think I was hoping it would fall off as quickly as it went on.

It's also a bugger that my hubby works away so I am cooking and shopping for one so it doesn't inspire you to try new recipes .... but your posts have spurred me on, thank you ladies and very well done to you all for your weight loss.
It's also a bugger that my hubby works away so I am cooking and shopping for one so it doesn't inspire you to try new recipes .... but your posts have spurred me on, thank you ladies and very well done to you all for your weight loss.
try those new recipes- and freeze leftovers as SW friendly 'ready meals' for when you can't be bothered to cook. :D

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