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Its so weird.....


Otherwise known as Jools


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Happy Birthday and a great way to look at it.
Happy birthday to you!!! Amazing willpower...you go!!!!!!
That's the attitude! Have a lovely birthday, there's more to life than cake... apparently ;)
Happy Birthday Jools! Brilliant attitude!

Haha Elle-Emm, that's so true.
If it makes you feel any better my birthday is next week and i wont be having cake either:)

:birthday: Well done for staying strong.

Try mixing a chocolate shake up in the blender with LOTS of ice and a little water!! then at least you can have some ice cream!! :)
My birthday is sunday and we usually have the cake and puddings family ritual, so Im right with you there... best wishes. xxxx



I will be skinny again!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Yup and there will be plenty more birthdays to come if your skinnier and healthier!!!

Well done :)

Did you get anything nice?


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks Guys - its quite hard to avoid the temptations but I am so determined to get through this even if it means an early night (yawn how dull, lol)

@ShineyD and Slim-mummy - I am sure that you will both do well.

I have come home from work to find two hand made cards from my niece and nephew (9 and 5) and the one from my niece has told me to get slim and that I am the best aunty in the world - although they have made me cry, its made me feel proud and even more determined to do this. They have never seen me slim - in fact even my 18 year old nephew hasn't either so one of the reasons I am doing this is for them so that their aunty can be even more funloving and adventurous with them :D

@ Chelly - well if you count the MoT on my car as nice - that was one gift and the other I have received so far was a ticket to the Biggin Hill Airshow in June just gone - amazing all them lovely pilots to leer at. I expect that my niece and nephew ^ will come back from their hols with something for me -

but the bestest present I can get will be a slimmer me !!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Awww the air show sounds brilliant!!!

Make sure you look super sexy and bag yourself one of those pilots :)


Otherwise known as Jools
Yep next year I shall be pouncing on a pilot :D Mmmm they look so nice in their flightsuits :D
This forum inspires me everytime I come onto it!

What incredible will power!! I'd love to think I'd be able to be as strong as you.

Well done and a very, very happy birthday!!! Like you say- what a fantastic present to yourself- the gift of getting thinner!!!



Positivity is the key
:character00255: Here's a pilot for you.
Remember "compliments are better than cake" every time you feel the urge.
Enjoy what is left of your day. Imagine how you will look this time next year at your party!!!

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