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It's Sunday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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Morning all!
I've really struggled the past 2 days but still stuck to it 100% and so hopefully today will feel a bit easier! I've got stuff to keep me busy all day so that should keep me ok.
Goin over to dads to see baby sister and then tonight have a friend coming over.
Its surprisingly sunny in Glasgow today but if its anything like the past week the wind will be freeeeeeeeeeezing!!
Anyway hope u all have a fab day and hedgemag hope ur headache goes soon!!

Lisa Marie

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G: 10st0lb

I'm off to the pub with my hubby later to watch the match, Newcastle are playing Sunderland. I'll be drinking soda water and he'll be knocking the pints back but never mind it's still a break from the kids and a bit time together.

Scales don't appear to be moving but it is TOTM so hopefully by WI on tuesday all that water retention will be gone and I'll be showing a loss.

Have a great day.


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Morning all.
Sun is shining here, but it's still bloody cold.
I really struggled yesterday for some reason but remained faithful.
Woken up in a really positive mood, so roll on today.
Hope you all have a lovely relaxing day.:)


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang

Sorry ruddy internet at home's been playing up since Friday afternoon.... Anyhooooooo I hear they are having fun in Brum - cant wait to hear the gossip.....

I'm still sticking strong and actually ate fish and green salad at a party yesterday and was allowed to take the leftovers home so guess what I am having for tea this evening??????

I have been totally dreadful with water which I must start dealing with today but because of getting up late and going back to bed there's not been enough time to drink properly - WILL DO BETTER TOMORROW xxxxxxxx


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I too have a headache from hell. Nor due to the diet though....too much wine in Brum!! Am safely home and tucked up in my dressing gown trying not to feel sorry for myself inflicted suffering!

We all had a great time, but I didn't take my camera, so hopefully some sane soul has taken a few for prosperity!


Hello all

I've started today, have had a choc mint with ice and a frozen Choc tetra so far and I've been to teh cinema with the family so was v restrained! Have had 2.5 litres of water so far but my tummy's really rumbling. Any advice?

Good luck to everyone!

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Back from Brum...Nikki I don't think you want the pics I have of you on site!!!!
Completely shattered...but big grin on face!!
Had a fab time meeting everyone!Managed to SS all weekend,although would have loved a fry up this morning!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
No fry ups for you missus and mucho respect for sticking with SS through the weekend. Bet your smile is a mile wide ;)


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Well, I had a lie-in until 11am as DD was at my mum's then having been trying to do my college work ever since (quite difficult as husband was shouting at the Newcastle/Sunderland match on the telly!)

Made my first muffin from a choccy shake (yum!) and now going to have a bath and relax

Well done all who have stuck to CD on this freezing weekend!

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Glad you all had great time - I've been at the vets with the dog this afternoon which just cost 200 quid :mad::mad::mad:... I'm covered by insurance but still processing the claim took approx 7 wks last time:mad::mad::mad:...

Happy Dayz - all fine other than that! xxxx
Sorry about you dog...doesn't rain when it pours does it


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Afternoon all. Just got back from work. DD is off colour, so keeping my eye on her.

S xx


Has been AWOL
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Afternoon all. Just got back from work. DD is off colour, so keeping my eye on her.

S xx
hope she feels better soon!

I've been giving the cats a "pamper day", well that's what I tell them anyway.. in reality it means having their claws trimmed and putting flea treatment on them.. none were impressed!!!

but they got lots of catnip drops and boo licked the bowl after I finished my banana ice cream (tetra!) so we're friends at least. Jemima is still hiding under the wash rack and Jess behind the blinds. I'm not in their good books!!

think I will do a stint on the cross trainer then have a nice bath later :D

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