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***its Sunday Lets Do It Hour By Hour**

Morning Lisa et all. Lovely positive start to the new day Lisa, go girl! Sunbathing, you lucky devil, a wee bit of sunshine down south would be nice!

Supposed to be cleaning and doing a bit of gardening today.....



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Morning to you too! Not so nice here on the east coast but its not raining so can get out for a walk and gardening at some point. Was out with friends last night. One glass of wine too many so feeling a bit iffy this morning. Its gonna be bucket loads of water for me and keep away from the fridge. After 4 til i strolled in so look out everyone i'm going to be tired and grumpy later........!


has started again!!
Morning all. Bit grey and dull, but dry here in Weymouth. Got the back to work blues today, and had a minor run in with Dh already. Pretty fed all in all.......

Better keep busy or its the biscuit barrell for me :( xx


soon to be minnie mouse
new month renewed resolve. upping the excercises this month to make sure another stone is zapped.
no sun out in liverpool today seems pretty cold outside.
so much for my relaxing day!! now been roped in2 taking dad to airport since brother is too hungover and then got to go get Alex some holiday stuff! Ah well plenty of time for sunbathing in Lanzarote :D:D:D:D:D


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well it's absolutely pouring here... so looks like it's only housework for me today... maybe play a bit of pool too
Raining here in Newcastle.

On a positive note my scales eventually moved this morning According to my scales I'm 11stone 1lb they will differ slighty to my cdc's because I get weighed on an evening, but that takes my BMI to 25 + a stone, so gonna start moving up the plans as of tomorrow.

My cdc is on holiday so won't get an official WI till the 9th June I will be happy if I'm in the 10 stone bracket by then.

Have a fab day everyone.
day 1 back on it going well so far, had a shake and 2 bars- i know ur only meant to have 1 a day but i dont care, whatever gets me through these first few days!! the scales r locked away til next weekend so i cant hav any sneaky peeks. just about to bath baby and put him to bed then i'l get clothes ironed for work and hav a bath. cant decide whether to st tropez or not as was goin to go to sunbeds a couple of times b4 holiday an prob cant with st tropez. aah decisions decisions!


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Hi all well its poured all day here :(
so sat on my arse doing nothing (nothing new there then ).Been maintaining for a month now not long I know but didnt think Id get through first day of cd so well done me lol .
Go on my hols in 4 days :D so may be back on cd full time as plan on having a good time last hol for couple of years as dd has 11+ then first year at senior school (hoping she passes for grammar which means no time out of school till she 17 :eek:cant afford school hols abroad )

Glad to see we are all been positive for the new month it make a difference keep smiling everyone love ya all mandy


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Good to see you back on the boards Lisa, Have been wondering where you've been - Stick with it girl, you're doing great!!!:D
thanku jax!
off 2 bed now all, had a good day and know im not gonna cheat this time. did 5 weeks no cheating last time so the next 2 weeks should be a walk in the park!!
prob wont be on 2moro as workin all day then will be shattered but good luck all an i'l be about soon!

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