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* ~ * Its THURSDAY ~ Lets do it hour by hour * ~ *


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Morning everyone, how are we all. I know its still the middle of the night but I'm just about to go to bed. We had a halloween party tonight and its still going on but I have to be up at 6!!! It will probably take me two hours to get this slap off my face too. i might just do the bad thing and sleep in it!

Hope you're all doing well and have a great day! xx
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Blimey this thread DID make an early start!!

My final restart today.
Am out at my mums, its a good time to start it. She deffo wont let me eat!!
I am sure I am gonna be a frequent visitor here as well as my diary!!:D:D:D

See you all a bit later XX
Morning Chika and Nicky

Hows it going? Sounds like one good party Chika! I had a little party for my ds but it was over by 8.30pm so not quite as wild as yours Chika! lol

Nice day for me today, no work. Horseriding this morning at 10am, ds at nursery until lunchtime. Then we'll go to baby gymnastics or playgroup early afternoon. After that ds will probably fall asleep and i'll be able to race round and do abit of housework (or come on here!;))

Been thinking about xmas pressies in the last few days. My dh is notoriously difficult to buy for. The only things he really likes are clothes, fast cars, and gadgets such as ipods etc. Any ideas?


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Hi everyone. The Halloween party sounds like fun Chika! Hope you're not too tired today!
I'm not up to much today - must start thinking about starting my Christmas shopping - i was walking round a shop the other day and they were already playing Christmas songs! *cries* Think i'll hibernate for the winter, wake me up when its all over! lol


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Hi everyone. Day 3 for me and I'm in Ketosis. Stick went deep purple straight away. I feel okay - much better than I thought I would - just a bit heady. Still feel very motivated to keep going though.

Need to sort out how to do one of those tracker thingys.

Jodiejojo - what about one of those digital photoframes?



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Hi All, is it ok if i join this thread each day?

Well my day could go two ways today as its weigh in day. You proably know that my CDC is Jane from thsi forum so its always a pleasure anyway - delightful drive from my house to hers especially on such a lovely morning - and its fab to visit her house - one day im just going to move in and hope she doesnt notice as she lives the life i have dreamed of! Anyway according to my scales ( which are now property of oxfam) my weight has gone up and down like a yoyo this week so I am in for a suprise when she weighs me - - not sureif it will be good or bad news though! But I have been good all week!

THEN just in case I need cheering up I am heading into town to M&S --- i have a new pair of black cord bootleg jeans and two black tshirts - all bought less than five weeks ago - all with tags on - which i need to change to probably TWO sizes smaller wooohooo!

Anyway hope you all have a fab day and manage to keep your hands out of the fridge etc


ps k-nine - - re ketosis and deep purple - the way i understand it is that you should really only be aiming for the first few shades of pale pink to mid pink on yur sticks -- deeper than that signifies de-hydration. dehydration is often shown first thing in the morning asyou havent had water all night so not to worry. but do keep glugging hun cause you dont want to be showing deep purple all day. the deeper the colour doesnt mean the deeper the ketosis - you either are in ketosis or you arent so pale pink is fine.

have a good diet day and drink drink drink
Morning everyone!
Chika, i hope you got your face off before bed :( glad you had a good night.
Good luck Spooky, sounds like your mum will keep you in line :)
Have a great Jodiejojo, have a lovely day off, there is a great catalogue out selling gadgets for big children (men basically!). I'll find mine and email you the web address.
Have a lovely day everyone, I'm off to a meeting all day so will be back tonight x


I will get to goal .....
Morning Gang!

Happy days it's nearly the end of the week!! WI last night and I'm very pleased to report 4lbs gone!!! And the last 2 days were 790!

Chika - Wow, bit of a party animal then ... hope you're not too tired from your party today!
Nicky - Good luck for today's restart, you can do it!
JJJ - have a lovely day, I'm very jealous of all the cool things you have planned!
Rayven - Don't hibernate hun, we'll miss you too much on here!
K-Nine - congrats on ketosis .... you're buring the fat now chick!
Slushy - Good luck for WI hun. Got everything crossed for you it's a downer (as in the scales LOL!)
Maz - have a great day at work, hope your fresh start is going well.

Right, off for some more water and a cuppa ;)
Thanks for the idea k-nine, i shall put it on the list as possibles! Deep purple does mean dehydration so make sure you are drinking loads today hun

Maz - thanks for that - if you could let me know the web address that would be great.

Slushy - good luck for your wi today - i've got my fingers crossed for you xx
Wow dobbie - fantastic result - well done hun xx

Mrs V

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Morning all!!!

Dobbie fantastic weight loss this week!! Well done!!! - oh that free jive night is Nov 26th! Just found my flyers!!!

I agree with the others, deep purple means that you are dehydrated...so more liquids!!! especially water!!!

Chika that Party sounds Wild!! Hope you had a great time! I was tucked up in bed early last night, absolutely exhausted!!!

Jessica (Daughter) woke several times during the night screaming, so I am tired again today!
I had to rush around the house this morning early cleaning as we have another house viewing later so fingers crossed!
At the moment, I am slurping my way through my 2nd litre of water and feeling quite hungry...but not tempted to stray...I would like to loose 4lbs this week to reach 2 stone, but we will see!!!
Have loads of meeting today at work, so not sure how often I can get on here!!!....but I will try!

Have a great day all!


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Thanks for the info about the ketosis girls. It was first thing in the morning and I am drinking way above my 2.5 litres a day so I should be okay. I'll check it again later just to make sure though.

Great weight loss Dobbie.


I will get to goal .....
Thanks guys!

Noted re. 26th Nov Mrs V ... think I'm still going Monday night, quite excited about it actually!! Be nice to bust some grooves again!! 4lbs this week will be a breeze Mrs V .... get that water down yer neck girl! Good luck for the hosue viewing!

JJJ there's some great stuff for big kids on the following sites (google for web address) :
I want one of those
boys stuff
gadget box
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Morning all!
Am feeling good today after my positive weigh-in results yesterday! So motivated to carry on!:D Just found out that one of my friends is also on Cambridge - I haven't seen her, so had no idea, and when I heard she'd lost loads of weight very quickly from another friend, I called her and she said, well, I'm sort of on this slightly wierd diet - you just eat soup and milkshakes, and was obviously steeling herself for some criticism, but was amazed when I said was it Cambridge, and I'm on it too! So now we can do it together! Hooray! Very nice to have a friend going through the same thing, although already consider everyone on here to be friends anyway!:)
JodieJo, was also going to suggest iwantoneofthose.com. They have some awesome gadgets that most guys would go crazy for. Also some pretty cool presents for kids too. Got my Godson an awesome aquarium for Christmas last year, with periscopes and pirate ships and all sorts in it! He loved it. Think he is on goldfish no 6 now though! They don't seem to like it so much!:eek:


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S: 13st2lb C: 13st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Have just sorted out a ticker. Will it work??
Hello ladies, havent posted on the day to day thread as i had a week off diet, i arranged all my going out in that week and i went to restaurant with girlfriends and loads of alcohol on saturday, sunday had chicken kebab with kids, monday had tea with kids and wednesday went to beer festival and drank loads of alcohol and had lovely indian afterwards, damage i did was 9lbs on lol but have been back on ss for the last week and got it all off so definately think it did me the world of good. Now back on diet 100% until atleast the 28th November (might have night out with 8 taxi drivers ,hubbys friends) if not until christmas.

Have got 13lb to lose to get to healthy bmi and probably 1 stone 9 in total to get to my goal weight. And was really chuffed to get into a pair of 16 jeans!!!!!!! not bad from a size 30 lol

Kids all back at school so only have two littlies at home and to be honest trying to get my head around thinking about christmas but will probably do the last minute dash that i normally do.

Hope you are all well and glug glug water

cdc norwich
Morning everyone,

chika sounds like a fab party,hope you managed to get make-up off!! xx

Dobbie, well done on the 4lb loss huni xx

mrsv, good luck with the house veiwing later xx

I havent been about since tuesday night, due to a very poorly computer,but H2B has made it all better, yiippppeeee,but boy i missed being here!!!,
but did manage to sweep,hoover and mop the kitchen,lounge,hall and downstairs loo floor yesterday, and took a walk to sainsburys to get sweets for the trick or treaters,walk to pick up youbgest from her after school club,and had a good walk last night when i took my lot out trick or treating!!!



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Hi Guys,

I hope you dont mind me joining in. I'm a lipotrimmer, but slowly being converted to CD. I've nearly done 6wks now and am getting soooooooooo fed up of the 3 shakes...thats all we have on lipotrim. Mind you that being said, it works so thats all that counts. I can see that CD does work so I'm thinking of changing over. How much does it cost. Lipotrim costs £30 a week?


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Well i've just been into town and yes i did start my christmas shopping! Went to toys r us and i don't know about my weight but my purse is 140 pounds lighter! *cries*
I'm a bot down today, am sick of people telling me that my weight will go straight back on when i start eating! *sulks* lol
hi everyone

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've had lots of stuff going on and also haven't been well. I've still got a terrible sore throat and feel rubbish :(

Dobbie - hope you're being a good girl ;)

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