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IT'S Thursday*******LETS DO IT HOUR BY HOUR****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

WHAT! no one started our hour by hour thread yet!!

Are you all having a lie in this morning lol :rolleyes:

Just set my neighbours hair, back home having a hot green tea...and on my 1st litre water...
Hubby taking day off today, so I think we may be going to Chelmsford C********* (sorry Tara) shopping.

Hope you all have a great day and stay warm..

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Loving the Cambridge Diet
The scales have finally moved - yayyyy!

I thought the battery had gone in them!

Drank loads more water yesterday, which must have helped!

Have a great day!


Fairy Princess to Be
Have cracked out the hot water bottle already; I think this is the first 'proper' cold day we've had (Scottish lass in London LOL) but I've had to put my trousers in the drycleaner and am wearing my dress today so that could also have something to do with it. Going home tomorrow night for the weekend, am a bit worried I'm so declimatised I'll end up with hypothermia :eek:
Still getting on with it though, 1litre down so far plus a cup of peppermint tea. Boss is out of the office today so I get some peace to actually do some work and plague Minis. It also looks like there may actually be a day without cake since it was entirely polished off yesterday (by other people, of course) :clap:
Also had a doze on the tube and went one stop too far this morning, but I got to see a station I'd never seen before!
Bound to wake up any time soon.... good luck for the day ahead peeps!
Morning everyone,

Maggie its the s******g not the christmas thing lol, have a great day tho huni xx

Glad the scales are movung again STBG xx

Claire have a good weekend back home, glad there is no more cake to tempt you in the office huni xx

My god its cold today, there is still a frost out there evevn tho its 10 am!!! ekkk

Good luck for any weigh-ins today xxx


please try again
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mornin all

been up since 7.30am got my girl off to school on her bus

then had childrens nurse and nursery manager round to do a risk assessment ( 2 months after she started school :rolleyes: )

had litre of water, done some cleanin and now watching repeats of america's next top model :D


Talks too much
Hey folks,
ive not been round much (mainly cos ive been off work as the last 2 weeks whilst the bar was being refurnished) and suffice to say that ive fallen off CD wagon in a fantastic fashion. Just cant get back on the wagon at all at present.

HM please send a kick up the backside this way!
Tara how u keeping?? gonna go and check up on u and JJJ's thread now.

Be gentle with me folks, im hard enough on myself!!
Delli xx


Talks too much
Aaww tara, just noticed u put back on that 1/4 lb! am sure its only cos of ur totm, hope u werent too annoyed as i know u were delighted with being in the 8's. Im stuck at 11st1 and just cant get below this, but at the same time i havent really given myself a chance to get below this, i keep sabotaging it before i get there. am pretty sure theres a deep psychological reason for this, prob to do with me being overweight since childhood and unable to contemplate not being fat, but i dont have the money to pay a therapist to examine this! so u lot will just have to put up with my ramblings....
being fat has always been so much of a part of who i am, what and who am i gonna be if im not fat?
as much as i long to be thin, i suppose a part of me is scared to be at the same time. fear of the unknown. what if i become really arrogant and a ***** when im thin? ive never liked that kind of person, i dont want to be like that. im well known for being quite funny, always cracking jokes, which is a typical thing for a fat person. am i gonna stop being funny?? i like making people laugh! i dont know what exactly im tryin to say here folks, its really just rambling, and im not expecting anyone to have all the answers either, but i suppose it would be nice to know that im not the only one that feels like this.
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Morning all!
Am so cold today - again! Just cannot seem to get warm these days. I think it must be CD, because I cannot remember a winter when I've ever been this cold all the time, I am usually a very hot person!
Had my 4th Wi last night, 3lbs, but was AAMW and also ate some things I shouldnt have like tomatoes and butternut squash because I was at my Mums and she was doing her best to feed me up. Am keen to get back SSing now though, the scales are not moving anywhere near fast enough for me at the moment!
Hope everyone else is having a good morning - oh, afternoon now! Well, whatever!
Delli yeah i was a bit peed off with putting it back on but hay at least i new the reason why,as last friday was going on i could feel my self bloating with it !!! lol,god aint totm fun!!! not lol,not getting weighed tomorrow but at least hopefully next week will be a GOOD weigh-in fingers crossed
have also pm'd u delli xxx


Fairy Princess to Be
Much sunnier in London now and, though still chilly, not nearly as cold as it was this morning. Am very bored though and therefore trolling the forums like a....errr..... troll. Under a bridge. Blah.
Roll on tomorrow, or at least 5pm tonight.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hi everyone!!!

Well....last night was my weigh in....and I lost 5lbs!!! I am really pleased as this was only 3 full days of SS'ing!
It means that I have managed to loose the 4 that I gained last week and I am only 3lbs away from 2 stone!! I am really pleased!

I am still running around after Jessica this afternoon, but she's on the potty at the moment so I thought I would catch up!!

It's cold here in Hampshire too.
Some numb nuts reversed into my car last night and it looks as if it's going to cost him roughly £600. to repair....serves him right!

Anyway, have to go...Madam calling....keep at it all and I will catch you all properly tomorrow!

Evening all it's been a while since i posted on the dailies sounds like everyone's having a good day i am although full of a cold AGAIN grrr but ive had 4l of water and had a great diet day.

Saffron i just noticed you're getting married in 16 days congratulations hunny are you really excited coz you're soooooo close to goal you're gonna look AMAZING!!!!!! Hope you're gonna share the pics!!!! xx

MRs V Well done on the weight loss you're doing fab!!!!

I've got WI tomorrow and i'm hoping to have stayed the same after a bad week last week not been weighed for 13 days and only had 6 good days so we'll see lol
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Evening all

Sorry not been posting much the last few days, been feeling a bit flat. Sounds like everyone is well - congrats Mrs V on your 5lbs. It has been soooo cold today that my shoes kept falling off - not a great look especially when you are aiming for sophisticated girl about town!!

Love to all

just had my weigh in and have now lost 101lbs :happy096:
am feeling very high at min hope it lasts
WOW WOW WOW that's absolutely AMAZING hun you've done so well!!

Georgie BUG BUG BUG HUGS hun hope you're feeling better soon and remember look how much weight you've lost you've done SO WELL!!!! The evil cold and bloatiness is making u feel poop ignore if and revel at how fantastic you look!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Thanks Nina, I feel better already for your lovely words! HUGS to you too!

Well done Lisa that is truly amazing!


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